What we will (not) do

What we will (not) do

≡ April 2020 ≡

A month ago -appearing to be from another age- we could not quite suspect that we would tumble so quickly into what looks like a Black Mirror episode, and all that mattered so much yesterday seems frozen behind a veil of astonishment.

In our little store, postponed or cancelled thus, this baroque style concert with Lembe Lokk in Fontenay-sous-Bois, that final BAUM evening with Fauré’s Melodies in Vienna, the Sébastien Laudenbach’s film for our adaptation of in Paradise of Fauré projected onto the front of Lille railway station, the grand final of Nova Oratorio with Claire ingrid Cottanceau and a gathered choir of 50 elder ones, as well as Rothko untitled#2 at the MC93 in Bobigny, etc.

A lesser evil compared to health of all people and what this big stand-by will show up will undoubtedly be more important than these few adjourned parties.

While awaiting for this springtime, we will think about the ones who bend over backwards, we will ask after each other, in the best case we will read books that were preciously kept for later, we will feel time passing by again, we will listen to silence that has changed, we will listen to each other, we will think about the after, imagining it both more gentle and starkly different, so that to stand ready for what this trial will have brought back to light and into question.

Having evaluating all we had and all we did not remember we had, we will look at what we eventually had forgotten and we will remember that the most trifling things turn out to be miracles. And we will imagine celebrating get-together with renewed impulse and health.

While awaiting for this open air, we offer you some delicacy:
How we tried a new combination of shade the Dan Ramaën’s film for the symphonic version of How we tried…, the reversed polarity of How we tried a new combination of light by Alanté Kavaïté.

Would you have missed it at Christmas, we upload again the Baum, Fauré et les autres documentary by Pauline Jardel.

Would you not be satisfied, several videos are patiently waiting for you to set them in motion here.

So much for this latent April, let’s not overload it with words, let’s gain strength, let’s sharpen our souls and grind our dreams.
Take care of yourself and of the others.

See you soon.

Olivier Mellano