Mellano Soyoc - Alive




≡ May 2022 ≡


If, sometimes, we only see the world’s chaos and a weariness trying to veil our enthusiasms, let’s turn our eyes and look at a tree seeing it as a model. Rooting to the ground and, humble, aspiring to the heights, growing one’s branches, keeping going, flowering and offering one’s fruits.

Here are these from May.

Éon - Rennes 8 mai First of all, the fruits filled with the ÉON’s voices that will float under the Chapelle Saint-Vincent Providence’s vaults in Rennes, held by the splendid Mélisme-s Chamber Choir directed by the marvellous Gildas Pungier. For the opening, I shall have the joy of inviting Melaine Dalibert for an ad-libbed duo organ and electric guitar created for the occasion. A Sunday afternoon in the aethers for the Tombées de la Nuit, at 3pm, on the 8th.

Moondog H'art songsOn the 14th, the shaggy and juicy fruits of H’art Songs by Moondog will be gathered at the Opéra Underground in Lyon with Bertrand Belin, Borja Flames, John Greaves, G.W. Sok and David Sztanke on vocals, Melaine Dalibert and Barbara Dang on pianos and Lou Renaud-Bailly on percussions. And then, the Midget friends will play their new and full of promises compositions with the great Gavin Bryars.

Fleuve Kate - Caen 19 mai On the 19th, mangrove fruits. Along with Hélène Frappat and Kate Moran we will go back up our Fleuve Kate from the Massachusetts banks to the Imec-Abbaye d’Ardenne in Caen to open the Festival Époque.

Carmina Luminis avec Lembe Lokk - Obsonville 28 mai On the 28th, a red and golden basket full of baroque fruits in Obsonville church for a duo with the astonishing Estonian Lembe Lokk, for Carmina luminis, a programme made of our compositions and some wonders by Purcell, Haendel or Britten.

Dernière minute d'Adrien M & Claire B Afterwards, the fruit of the exciting 5th collaboration with Adrien M & Claire B, a new creation named Dernière minute. One minute stretching over thirty, and inviting us, at the threshold of birth or dissolution, to the metamorphoses of the substance from which we are made of. An experience of sound and light where we change into water, fire, smoke, ashes, soil, energy, gas and air. This immersive installation begins its journey at the Festival Tropismes in Montpellier from May 4 to 22.

As for the exhibition Mirages & Miracles, it is in Saint-Brieuc during Art Rock from May 20 to June 19.

On the arena.

Agenda et dates de concert d'Olivier Mellano... Face à la mère, the powerful text by Jean-René Lemoine staged by Alexandra Tobelaim, is in Paris at Théâtre de la Tempête from 5 to 15 with the magnificent Stéphane Brouleaux, Yoann Buffeteau (drums), Vincent Ferrand (double bass), Lionel Laquerrière (guitar and vocals), Geoffrey Mandon and Olivier Veillon.

Even though we know vampires are quite eternal, let’s mention the endurance of Nosferatu by Bob Théâtre which is to turn twenty and still biting, and that will continue to make the Miramas citizens tremble with laughter on the 11, the Port-Saint-Louis-Du-Rhone ones on the 13th and the La Rochelle people on the 19. Meanwhile, Aïe Aïe Aïe will offer the Pôle Sud in Chartres an Ersatz V2 with Sarah Reyjasse.

Alive - Mellano / Soyoc (1er album) Then, on the 20th, here it comes, perfectly ripe, ready to be eaten up alive by your hungry ears. Alive, the MELLANO / SOYOC album. Twelve tracks of Gothic soul, of electric vortex, of shamanic noise wave, of ecstatic eagerness born in a heartbeat in the core of the Studio Caverne of Nico Sacco and recorded-fit by Romain Baousson before being mixed-polished with Nicolas Dick. Icing on the sonic cake, the great Valentina Magaletti herself recorded sparkling drums on it. The splendid sleeve from which the album owes its name is from the American photographer Christy Lee Rogers. The album is released at IDO Productions in vinyl and CD and orders are ***here***. Will you wish to learn more about this adventure, we are invited on France Inter radio during the Laurent Goumarre programme, on the 30th at 10pm.

In this month of May, we’ll pull out all sounds.

Just like trees, let’s rustle… more or less soundly but fruitfully.

Olivier Mellano