Theatre #85

Eugène Carrière - Théâtre de Belleville (1895)

Theatre #85



≡ December 2023 ≡


This is a year that ends on a quite theatrical tone.

L'espace théâtral, au delà du premier mur - Paris 2 décembre To get into the swing of things, I’ll participate in a one-day conference about The theatre space, beyond the first wall with 3 round-table discussions gathering some 15 artists, scenographers, actors, writers, plastic artists, playwrights including Jean-Christophe Bailly, Claire Bardainne, Éric Ruf, Kevin Keiss and Stéphanie Solinas. Would you feel like attending this exploration of the beyond and the backworlds, book your seat at and go to the École d’architecture Paris-Malaquais on the 2nd at 1.00pm.

Le Voyage dans l'Est de Christine Angot au Théâtre National de Strasbourg jusqu'au 8 décembre - musique O. MellanoTheatre then, and my comradeship with Stanislas Nordey goes on with Le Voyage dans l’Est by Christine Angot, at the Théâtre National de Strasbourg up to the 8th, with Carla Audebaud, Cécile Brune, Claude Duparfait, Pierre-François Garel, Charline Grand, Moanda Daddy Kamono, Julie Moreau, Claire ingrid Cottanceau and Barbara Dang who recorded my compositions for piano.
Ce qu’il faut dire by Léonora Miano will be said at the TU-Nantes from the 19th to the 22nd with Gaël Baron, Océane Caïraty, Ysanis Padonou, Mélody Pini and Lucie Delmas on percussions.

Nosferatu de Bob Théâtre Another style, the enduring and exhilarating Nosferatu by the Bob Théâtre celebrates its 20-year immortality and will go and terrorize Marseille, Angers, Rennes and Genappe in Belgium.

In Switzerland, ‘Dernière Minute’ by Adrien M & Claire B spends the winter in Yverdon and in SceauxCore still flows by in Seoul and the album Cores might adorn your Christmas tree if you fancy it with one or two clicks.

Leur Âme au Diable de Martin Ledun sur France Culture - musique O. MellanoAnd theatre for ears. If you’re addicted to the first nicotine episodes of Leur âme au diable by Martin Ledun, the superproduction by Sophie Picon, you might inhale them every evening at 8.30pm on France Culture up to the 8th, or at your rythm in multipack podcasts.

Compagnie Catalyse de Madeleine Louarn And here comes the fifth episode of ‘Exprosion’ which, happy accident, is called Theatre. This very special episode is interpreted by Tristan Cantin, Manon Carpentier, Christelle Podeur and Jean-Claude Pouliquen, the fabulous actors of the Compagnie Catalyse of Madeleine Louarn. I hope you’ll enjoy its strangeness and its riddles that have a lot to do with the mysteries beyond this legendary first wall..

Moondog et Gabriel Fauré au programme du festival Autres Mesures Rennes 9 & 10 janvier - carte blanche O. MellanoOh my! So much theatre! But music, back on itself, returns as soon as the new year and – so that you might catch it and be there on time- I’m please to foresee with relish January and announce two concerts at the Opera in Rennes, where the wonderful Festival Autres Mesures gives me carte blanche during which two of the most marvellous composers from  the beginning and the end of the nineteenth century will be honoured. On 9 January, H’art Songs de Moondog and on the 10th Ici-Bas – Les Mélodies de Fauré interpreted by BAUM that will be alive again for the 100th anniversary of the Gaby’s death.

Before lifting the curtain on 2024, I wish you a sweet and pleasant interlude and happy celebrations days.


Olivier Mellano