The Boeotian way

The Boeotian way

Before turning into a new species, expected as more attractive, more valorous and more abundant, MellaNoisEscape is making its last stand before his conductor dives it into a winter silence so that to tangle up in daring projects.

Still seven rendez-vous to come, among which five in excellent company, and it will be done with France for quite a moment. On the 6th, invited by Ez3kiel in Agen with the uncommon Marc Sens, on the 15th in Paris at the Klub with Filiamotsa that I will also be delighted to play with on the 17th at the 1988 in Rennes although in 2015, on the 18th in Allonnes, even less on our own thanks to Enablers. Clear as crystal.

Would I say I was a Boeotian, it would definitely be in jazz music. However, it happens that famous people, as wise as crazy and still considering jazz as a modern language, agree to get lost with hepcats like me. Through the Unijambiste company, that’s how the fabulous François Jeanneau will join me on the 19th in Chambéry at the Scène Nationale: sort of a MeJleanNoisEscape set, ad-libbed, boosted and shining with his soprano lighter than air. Stratospheric.

Would there be summits in Boeotian ways, mathematics are the Everest where I reach my peak. Actually, it is at the top of the Eiffel Tower on a mild spring eve that I met the creator of existential mathematics Laurent Derobert, doctor of economics and researcher. He was celebrating that night the Iron Lady’s imaginary roots by having them appearing on oceans at the four corners of the World. I then invited him to solve the unseen equation operating in music, during an ad-lib conference about music that I will play ad-lib. The experiment will take place on the 20th for the festival ‘Paris en Toutes Lettres’ at the Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris. Logical as 1 and 1!

Here it is for my bee-business. I spare you the dirty part of my upcoming creation works –I will introduce you to them as soon as they’ll be cleaned up- but let me tell you from now on that they will be bloody joyful.

Olivier Mellano

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