…still on the same waters #80

…still on the same waters


≡ May 2023 ≡


So many waters for May, marking battles, encircling hearts and bearing bodies. Sea, river, stream, matter, we will dive unto the more or less great souls following another Great, we will slide in the twists and turns of a life and then, in a wink, in the infinitesimally small.

CORES Music for Adrien M & Claire B - O. MellanoBut first of all, a new album. Since 2017, I regularly tell you about it, it has been a delight for me to compose music for the captivating world of Adrien M & Claire B. It appeared to us, after six collaborations, that it could make sense to gather all these compositions for a record. The album title is Cores and it will be released on May 26, on CD and digital by Ulysse label. May these hypnotic or contemplative soundscapes, plaited by Kyrie Kristmanson’s celestial voice, give you the desire to discover the visual work of this marvellous duet and extend their memories. If you were not lucky enough to live their installations, you have the opportunity to let Acqua Alta overrun you from on the 6th and 7th in Fribourg, on the 10th in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the 12 in Vernouillet and the 16th and 17th in Dôle. Or you might wait for Dernière Minute from the 2nd in Lieusaint, on the 12 in Lahti in Finland, and in Paris where, from now on, you can buy your tickets for the Chaillot theatre for June 2 to 10.

Supergravité de J. Mellano - Laval 4 maiFrom light to dark matter, another wonder: the unmissable Supergravité by Julien Mellano will play in Laval Theatre on the 4th, and there should not be many opportunities left, unfortunately, to see this unusual performance. Thus, will you be in a reasonable distance, knowing that this concept is quite relative, chop-chop.

Abysses - Davide Enia & Alexandra Tobelaim Endlessly dark, cold and salted are the waters of the Mediterranean Sea when they become the grave of refugees. Through the eyes of a son and his relationship with his father, Davide Enia wrote Abysses, staged in simple and sober manner by Alexandra Tobelaim, and scored with Claire Vailler who holds of this moving performance with Solal Bouloudnine from the 2nd to 5th in Thionville, the 6th in Metz and the 13th in Vire.

Let’s finish with a diversified trilogy.
Alexandre Le Grand - Racine On the 26th, back to Jean-Baptiste Racine for a new collaboration with La Comédie Française. After Mithridate, I will compose for Alexander the Great this time. Love, glory and booted hearts will be borne by Yoann Gasiorowski, Eric Génovèse, Thierry Hancisse, Adeline d’Hermy, Claire de La Rüe du Can and Sébastien Pouderoux, and conducted by Clotilde de Bayser.
These youth jousting will be recorded in public at Studio 104 in Maison de la Radio, directed by Blandine Masson and Louise Loubrieu and broadcasted at France Culture on June 11.

Fleuve Kate - Festival Poesia à Val-de-ReuilOn the 27th, from the ire of kings to the King’s Isle, from the Hydaspes banks to the Eure river’s waters that will, during one hour, reflect the Massachusetts skies, under Hélène Frappat’s pen, inked with Kate Moran’s memories, for another crossing of Fleuve Kate in Val-de-Reuil at Festival Poesia.

Conférence musicale : Étienne Klein & Olivier MellanoOn the 28th, from water’s memory to waves’ feature and particles’ wave, we will meet again with the scientist Étienne Klein for another musical lecture about quantum physics and other vertigoes of the cosmos, to explore the effects that music has on scientific lecture, during the Festival Chapitre Nature in Argenton-sur-Creuse.

But even more beautilful will be the question asked by Anne-Laure Chamboissier and Stéphane Viard’s fascinating documentary What does the music do to literature?” in which I am happy to be invited, alongside Pierre Alferi, Bertrand Belin, Rodolphe Burger, Olivier Cadiot, Frédéric D. Oberland, Jean-Michel Espitallier, Laure Gauthier, Violaine Lochu, Pierre-Yves Macé, Christophe Manon, Serge Teyssot-Gay among others. Given this likely bankable subject, the film needs a little help: will you wish it to be your help that allows the film to see light, so that the question be broadened after being watched, you can contribute.

Heraclitus once said that no man ever stepped in the same river twice. This time, let’s swim with Aristotle, wherever we are, always in the same river, so vast.


Olivier Mellano