Seven worlds

Seven worlds

Seven worlds

≡ February 2019 ≡

Loaded like a cargo and coloured like a chameleon, a first week during which the hurly-burly of days will give in four favours to soothing hours of zero-gravity.

BAUM interprète les Mélodies de Fauré à Paris avec Camille, Élise Caron, Judith Chemla, Étienne Daho, Piers Faccini, John Greaves, Philippe Katerine, Kyrie Kristmanson, Sandra Nkaké, Himiko Paganotti, Rosemary StandleyOn the 6th, the Paris premiere of BAUM is sold out at the Centquatre where Ici-bas, les Mélodies de Fauré will be celebrated on our side with the bronze of eleven soft smouldering voices: Camille, Élise Caron, Judith Chemla, Étienne Daho, Piers Faccini, John Greaves, Philippe Katerine, Kyrie Kristmanson, Sandra Nkaké, Himiko Paganotti and Rosemary Standley.

Ciné-concert L'Heure du Loup de BergmanOn the 8th, heading to the Opera of Rennes for the creation of a brand-new film scoring for one of the most fascinating of Ingmar Bergman movies: Hour of the Wolf‘. A deliriously frightening plunge into a piece that is symbolic of ‘the uncanny’. An aurora picture containing the lysergic yeast of everything that will bewitch us later on with Lynch.

MellaNoisEscape en concert à RennesOn the 9th, free the electric horses, down the chairs and up the cathartic decibels for a MellaNoisEscape concert at l’Étage of the Liberté, in Rennes again, with the explosive Suzy Le Void and Valentina Magaletti, the latter kicking off the show at 10pm with her classy duet Tomaga.

Ciné-concert l'Aurore de Murnau - Travelling RennesOn the 10th, to break off the Rennes three-set framed by the nice Festival Travelling celebrating its 30th anniversary, back to calm and velvet seats at the TNB for an exceptional live screening of Sunrise‘, by Murnau, 15 years after I created it. A brighter dawn than the Bergman’s one to carry the end of this frantic week away, towards light.

Somewhere, other lights are dancing. The Acqua Alta show by Adrien M and Claire B will be performed at the Theatre Paul Eluard in Bezons from the 7 to the 9, and the Mirages et Miracles installation will be at the Collégiale Saint-Martin in Angers up to the 24.

February will also be dedicated to the finishing touches and the recording of pieces for clarinets composing the music of the coming left hook play staged and interpreted by Stanislas Nordey on Edouard Louis’s book Qui a tué mon père ?‘. In Paris at the Theatre de la Colline on March.

NOVA OratorioThen, southwards to Switzerland where I will meet again Claire ingrid Cottanceau, Thierry Thieu-Niang and a new choir of elders to resume another word of struggle, the Nova – Oratorio one, at the Theatre Nuithonie in Fribourg on February 28 and March 1.

Seven adventures, seven realms, seven energies. The sharp melancholia, the troubling strangeness, the ecstatic pop noise, the epiphany-tale, the digital animism, the political theatre and poetry battle. Seven worlds, from past and present, indivisible.

Olivier Mellano