Primula veris

Primula veris

Affabulazione de Pasolini, mise en scène par S. Nordey avec O. Mellano«After one month spent in peaceful Lausanne, the Affabulazione team and the madness of Pasolini move on to Rennes for playing during a week at the TNB.

Fontevraud le cadre du spectacle de Madame Lune

On my way to Brittany, a pause at the Abbey of Fontevraud where I will join the collective creation that is dreamily coordinated by Madamelune with, among others, Simon Dalmais, Hugh Coltman, Nicolas Martel, Nicolas Repac and Rosemary Standley. This performance will stage again in 2016 at the Philharmonie in Paris, at the end of January.

La bête sauvage rôde côté NORDHowever, the wild always roams and we keep our head screwed on the NORD string, with a gig at La Rochelle just to preserve the animal’s hunger before capturing it in studio.

It is in the open air, on the Loire riverbanks and under a splendid weather, that the forthcoLa loire le lieu de tournage du prochain clip de MellaNoisEscapeming MellaNoisEscape video has just been shot. It is signed by Samuel Petit and it promises to look very beautiful.

Then a short downhill by MellaNoisEscape near Avignon to keep in shape, after which I would have the pleasure to write and record the music for Marion Laine’s next short film ‘On the road to Paradise’ just before its display at the Cannes film festival.

The almost quiet month of April should allow me to resume the writing of my next book started a few years ago and which may have a chance to be finished before summertime.

Here it is for my bee-business. Will you need other sweet things for springtime, I warmly recommend the magnificent album of Norwegian The White Birch, ‘The weight of spring’, as well as the album from our fellow Manuel Bienvenu.

Have a lovely spring.»

Olivier Mellano