≡ September 2017 ≡

Carte postale MontagneDear readers,

I hope you had a pleasant summertime and are now reloaded.

As for me, summer started on the rugged land of Olympus between gods’ dispute to compose music for Fulmine, a play by Charlotte Blin from the incredible and brotherhood Cie Aïe Aïe Aïe company whose performances I encourage you to discover, each more quirky than the next. Okey-dokey, Angers in. Okey-dokey, Quai in. From 26 to 28 and then on tour up to April. That’s what it’s all about!

I then plunged into the maelstrom of the No Land mixing. It was an epic moment but, thanks to Nicolas Dick’s abnegation and perseverance, we did overcome this madness and we came out unscathed from this 187-track jungle. I am now happy to announce you that the album will be released by [PIAS] – World Village on November 10.

PapillonsOnce back down from this high place, I went listening to the wind for a few weeks, to see if the future melodies of the new MellaNoiseScape II were not hidden behind it. After catching the ones with the most shimmering wings, I went back to work to have them tamed and blended in the future album’s mix. As you can see, MellaNoiseScape will soon be shedding its skin on stage, with a number suddenly multiplied by 3.

ForêtBut before that, I will finish composing for the soft and staggering installations Mirages et miracles by Adrien M. & Claire B. Then, with other fellow friends, in the secrecy of the studio and with the wood of the instruments, we will lay the foundations for a new beautiful project that will concern a French composer from the early 20th century.

seniors NOVAMeanwhile with Claire ingrid Cottanceau, we will be looking for 20 people aged 70 or over, forming our NOVA – Oratorio choir in Rennes in November during the Festival Mettre en Scène. If you are too young, do not hesitate to spread the word to your elders telling them to dial or before September 11, for more information or for signing up.

As I will let you know again about these things and many others in the months to come, I won’t take more of your precious time and wish you a good season.

Olivier Mellano