Scattered slits

Scattered slits

Scattered slits

≡ February 2021 ≡

Well, it appears that the crossing of the desert is to stretch a little longer and that art, the fourth wheel of the bogged down coach, must bide time. To smooth the waiting without blunting the desire, I’m sending you an armful of lifebursting, a bunch of snowdrops.

Bed liveIf need be to whet one’s appetite, so that the salutary saliva of live music goes on lifting up to our ears, here’s a real good 3-draught of the epic Bed concert that took place at Salle de la Cité in Rennes 6 years ago. Pump up the volume and make Newsprint, The Wood Bunch or Second Skin, sounding- the last one being a cover of the ever cult Chameleons.

Acqua AltaWhile longing for nestling against the sweet velvet of the black of theatres, the ballet of photons, of bodies and souls of Acqua Alta by Adrien M & Claire B is but waiting for you to display its poignant burlesque on Arte Concert.

Supergravité de Julien MellanoWhile waiting for the dark matter of cosmos to invade stages with Supergravité the upcoming lunacy by Julien Mellano, the short film produced by Kub will tell you the other side of the creation with its somehow brotherly and artistic entanglement.

MithridateA classic piece for a new adventure with France Culture Radio and my first collaboration with the company of the Comédie Française and Eric Ruf. I’ll be in the rootstock of the jumble, the one made of the passions of Racine, to compose music for Mithridate interpreted by Marina Hands, Benjamin Laverhne, Alexandre Pavloff, Hervé Pierre, Chloé Ploton and Antoine de la Rochefoucault, whose voices wherein my guitar will make its way like in its element. It will be broadcast live from Studio 104 and on the YouTube of the Comédie Française on February 17 at 8.30pm on France Culture.

Le mont Fuji n'existe pas - Hélène FrappatTo end with, as time favours reading, I heartily recommend the newest novel by my friend and accomplice Hélène Frappat, Le mont Fuji n’existe pas just published from Actes Sud. A book which diffracts characters and opens out the stories into a fan where fiction slides on reality until lives become life which blows away its higher airs.

That’s it for February, let’s keep joy intact, ready to be heightened.

Olivier Mellano