No spring on March

No spring on March

No spring on March

≡ March 2021 ≡

visuel o. Mellano mars 2021In March, we don’t always get back on track. March, dismal plain for empty venues yearning for a spring yet postponed.

No giving it up, for no breaking up. Then we’re tracking, we’re dreaming, we’re rehearsing, we’re postponing, we’re making up the eventually upcoming spring.

The Mellano/Soyoc album has been mixed with Nicolas Dick and is now looking for a record company. We’re eager to have you listen to it.

In Dordogne land, we’re laying the first stones for the ‘Salon Proust’ show, with Véronique Aubouy and a funny lovely crew: Anna Gaiotti, Julia Perazzini, Stephen Loye, Jean-Marc Chapoulie, Alexandre Costanzo and the drummers Lou Renaud-Bailly and Lucie Delmas.

Rehearsals for Bed on a trio are back.

Back also to meet again Stanislas Nordey for three new plays.

Also on its track, ÉON, my new musical pieces for choir with the 12 singers of the Mélisme-s ensemble, directed by Gildas Pungier. I give you a taste of it, filmed during a wonderful first work session at the Opera in Rennes.

Had you missed it, the podcast of our Mithridate play at the Comédie Française is available on France Culture and on video on the Comédie Française website.

Many other things are brewing, let’s hope we are allowed to collect them before they stew too long.

See you soon for the crop.


Olivier Mellano