1 for a solo. MellaNoisEscape will go down 2 hills and 1 valley this month: Montluçon, Montpellier and Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines where Kat Onomanian or Akchotéian-swerves may take shape.

2 for two duets. Back to the Loire river, anew Orléans where we will play RAMI (for Artistic encounteRs of Improvised Music) with Arm for ‘Notebook of a return to the Native Land’ by Aimé Césaire on the 22 of October; and with NO&RD (mellaNO/boulaRD) for waves, drones, disorder, odes and giving, on the 23rd.

3 for a trio, the Filiamotsa one, who releases this month ‘Like it is’, album signed by the American Label Aagoo. The line-up is specifically enhanced by G.W. Sok (from former The Ex), by Soufflant Rhodes and myself. Violins, electricity and pyrite writing. It’s beautiful, it’s in English and it sounds nothing like you’ve ever heard.

4 or the iridescent angles of a Rothko painting. The artist Claire-Ingrid Cottanceau and I are starting out in long research about the mystery and artistic absolute that represents, for us, the Rothko’s work. We are beginning a series of interviews for the sub-rosa material of this project whose fulfillment is not yet known.

5 for five workshop days that I will be delighted to run at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Lyon, to try once more to dive into the void and define the ether with words or any other kind of sweet gimmick.

6 for the number of the Beast. For, in the end, the Apocalypse will roll in on 16 October, in Saint-Florent-le-Vieil. Just like the 106 meters of the Apocalypse Tapestry were rolled out at the nearby Château d’Angers, from which the writer Jean-Pascal Dubost weaved his text ‘Abaddôn’ before inviting me at the Maison Gracq or embroidering in concert.

7his is at No.14 Avenue du Père Lachaise, Chez Betty, close to the Théâtre de la Colline, where you may visit my gallery of Monsters this month. And 7his is a brand-new magazine ‘Équilibre Fragile’ that will soon welcome some of these monsters. Also 7 books that I shortlisted for this new season and that I greatly boost you to read-if you haven’t already done so: ‘Anomalies des zones profondes du cerveau’ by Laure Limongi, ‘Crash-test’ by Claro, ‘Divagations’ by Mallarmé, ‘Extrêmes et lumineux’ by Christophe Manon, ‘Le principe’ by Jérôme Ferrari, ‘Duino Elegies’ by Rilke and ‘The Enneads’ by Plotinus.

8 for the infinite upright or for the musicians from ‘La Machine Couchée », the open and effervescent hydra of Régïs Boulard, released on the 23 on the Signature label. Featuring Maria Laura Baccarini (woww!), Louis Soler (yep!), Philippe Texier (pow!), Black Sifichi (no?!), Nicolas Méheust (indeed!), John Greaves (himself!), me’self (well) and Regïs (of course!) as the shining conductor with his two wizard sticks.

Olivier Mellano

2015-10 Lettre d'info d'Olivier Mellano