November, No land, No&rd, Nova…

November, No land, No&rd, Nova…

Nooooow, on we go, marching in misty dreams for a new turn with the band ‘On a dit …’ on the 3rd at the Train-Théâtre in Valence, along with the very chic chicas y chicos Nicolaï Martel, Kyrie Kristmanson, Hugh Coltman, Maëva Le Berre, Anne Millioud-Gouverneur, Simon Dalmais, Nicolas Repac, JP Nataf and Diane Bonnot.

On the 5th, back on the solid and boundless ground of NO LAND with the soldiers of evanescence -Brendan Perry and Bagad Cesson- we will fill the Quartz de Brest with all of our brotherly ode. On opening, you will be lucky to chance on « land on », a new piece made-to-measure for my electric guitar and the hurdy gurdy of Gurvan Liard.

Would you not be at this far end of the world that Saturday, you could also get swallowed up by the Samedi Noir on radio France Culture where that same guitar will enshroud « Le dernier rire de Lovely Boobs« , a tale enhanced by Philippe Kastelnik and produced by par Christophe Hocké.

On the 18th, another dose of Brest for a NO&RD concert at the deliciously audible Festival Invisible. NO&RD, with quite the proud-on, is happy to have you see its first video by Samuel Petit, film-maker among others of the heroic video The Best Death.

Quite a calm November on stage but not so much to take it easy too quickly as a lot of stuff is simmering in stoves:
☰ The recording of pieces for harpsichord by Bertrand Cuiller for ‘Le Fils’ the coming play of la Cie l’Unijambiste written by Marine Bachelot Nguyen.
☰ The recording of sonneur musicians for the next film by Chiara Malta whom you may see our previous collaboration, the short-film ‘L’Existence selon Gabriel’ , at the cinema Le Méliès in Montreuil on the 4th at 8.15pm – an evening on booking at
☰ The recording of No Land.
☰ The masterclass with Laure Werckmann for the text set to music to launch the Champs Libres project: Ose le son…
☰ …and the composition of NOVA, a beautiful work in progress conducted alongside with Claire-Ingrid Cottanceau and Thierry Thieû Niang. A performance produced by MC93 that will be performed at the beginning of March 2017 and for which we are looking for 20 people over 70 years of age (and living in Paris or in the 93 department), to play the singing and dancing choir from the glittering text by Handke. Do not hesitate to spray the word.

While waiting for the next stories, we keep on saying no, we keep on saying yes.

Olivier Mellano

2016-11 Lettre d'info d'Olivier Mellano