The Calm before the Storm: this is how June begins on the 1st, redundant as it may, with an acoustic nap at the oxymoron-like Museum of Hunting and Nature, in company with Bastien Lallemant, Maëva Le Berre and Olivier Adam.

On the 2nd, I’ll go on ahead to Toulouse for the opening of the MAP photo festival where Richard Dumas and I will perform again the TAN music-lecture, at the Museum Paul-Dupuy.

By the way, you have only a few days left to go to the Museum of Brittany in Rennes to feel the fire of our exhibition before it fades away on the 12th.

Then, after several working months, my latest composition is just coming out of its furnaces. It smells of Iodine, wind and peat and it is called NO LAND. This 40-minute musical piece has been written for Pipe band and voice. And what a voice as it is Brendan Perry’s one – composer and singer from the Dead Can Dance duo – who honours me with his interpretation.

His voice from outer-sky will float above a maelstrom of bombards, bagpipes, snare-drums and percussions played by the perfect and merciless Bagad Cesson. I will be on bass guitar in order to balance the ship among this flood of treble. We will sail far away the shores, we will be distant from traditional music and, as indicated in the title, we will stand above frontiers.

For NO LAND is a political-fiction programme, an anti-identity ode, a humanist and utopian song that proudly bears its own innocence and, among a world huddling inside its own combustion, which might be the only one capable of remembering the path of reason, of appeasement, even of a possible magnanimity.

Three concerts will take place this summer in every corner of France:

  • In Toulouse. On 18 June, our troops will be let loose for the first time, along the Garonne riverbanks at the Prairie des Filtres for the Rio Loco Festival.
  • In Rennes. On 3 July, the banners of no-country will raise in front of the Parliament of Brittany for the Tombées de la Nuit.
  • In Lyon. On 17 July, our unconquerable sonic lace will fill the Roman Theatre for the Nuits de Fourvière.

To learn more, click and be welcome on the NO LAND website that has been tailor-made by Benjamin Massé.

I’m taking the opportunity of this last season’s newsletter to openly say my warm thanks to my dear fairies Caroline Cornu and Valérie Deroin, webmistress and translator respectively, for and these newsletters, and without whom all these fabulous news would get lost in nothingness.

I wish you a very nice summer and I’ll meet you up in September to continue and try to make the path a more beautiful one.

Olivier Mellano

2016-06 Lettre d'info d'Olivier Mellano