Moond[O]g, [O]rgan, aur[O]ra and n[O]&rd #90

Yann Lestrat - Natures Mortes

Moond[O]g, [O]rgan, aur[O]ra and n[O]&rd #90

Moond[ɔ̃]g, [ɔ̃]rgan, aur[ɔ̃]ra and n[ɔ̃]&rd


≡ May 2024 ≡


May, stuffed with open O.

Olivier Mellano - Melaine Dalibert (Rennes)First of all, a flashback in November 2022 when, enshrouded in All Saints’ Day’s greyness, Melaine Dalibert and I shut ourselves up in the belly of the organ of Chapelle Saint-Vincent in Rennes, for an improvisation duo, without knowing where this could lead us. After three days, acres of sound landscapes had been harvested, a run of long atmospheric tracks, a weaving of hypnotic drone and sacred music where the organ could not be singled out from the guitar, both pronto melted into the air, captured with mastery by our friend Thomas Poli and mixed with subtlety by Djaisan Taouss at the Maison de la Radio.

The album is named ‘After Us’ and will be released in digital version in June on Signature/Radiophonie by Radio France. However, would you like to take-off right now for a preview and taste this music eyes wide open, we offer you right here the happy wedding that it has produced with the images by Yann Lestrat.

Ciné-concert "L'aurore" de Murnau par Olivier MellanoAnother wedding of sound and image, my very first live-screening, in its twenties now, on the Murnau’s timeless masterchief Sunrise, that will rise at night on the 16th, in the magnificent Trident Italian-style theatre in Cherbourg.

Régïs Boulard et Olivier Mellano, concert de NO&RDTo continue, a Northen week as, just after the workshop with the students in musiques actuelles of the École Supérieure Musique et Danse Hauts-de-France in Lille, I’ll meet again my friend Régïs Boulard for a NO&RD concert on the 24th at the Charivari Jazz Festival in Vendôme, to celebrate free and improvised music.
Before launching into the wild our second album that is already impatiently waiting for its Autumn release.

Moondog - H'art songs The day after, on the 25th, back to North and back into 1978, to make come to life again the intricacy of pianos, the Amerindian pulse and the sophisticated and political rhymes of ‘H’art Songs’ by H’art Songs by Moondog with the very styled Bertrand Belin, Barbara Dang, Melaine Dalibert, Borja Flames, John Greaves, Lou Renaud-Bailly G.W. Sok and David Sztanke, at the Louvre-Lens, invited by the Aéronef venue.

That’s it for this month’s harvest and I wish it to be sharp and soft for you.

Olivier Mellano