Moon and fitzcarraldies

Moon and fitzcarraldies

Beginnings of years appear like cleared and cleaned horizons, the appearance -both alert and slumberous- of parties where you show up early, the cool composure of empty dance floors where you wait for music to start and dreaming it not to be another theme of the co/e/lapsed year but a music with a different pulse, more tuned, more acute, more inventive, with a broader scope and a new tuning fork.

My first notes will be for the animated film ‘The Girl without hands‘, based on the tremendous tale by Brothers Grimm and directed by Sébastien Laudenbach who has been insane enough to undertake alone that huge project, turning him into the Fitzcarraldo of animation movies.

Another Fitzcarraldo: Florent Trochel who doggedly pursues his fair path in spite of the theatre scene’s deafness that still remains too often comfortably seated in its repertoire or that favours blockbusters rather than fresh authors. After ‘Démangeaisons de l’oracle’ and ‘Montagne 42’, I am starting writing music for his new play ‘Nourrir la lune‘.

On the 15th, a rise towards the beloved Monte-en-l’air (Paris, Ménilmontant) to join Hannibal Writer Claro in the burning Alps of his grand poem ‘Comment rester immobile quand on est en feu ?’. One kilometre southward, in the friendly 20th borough, elephantoms and other bald chicks are smiling as their Rational Gallery exhibition is prolonged for another month ‘Chez Betty‘.

This lunar month will end with Madame Lune’s dream, gathering Rosemary Standley, Géraldine Martineau, Anne Gouverneur, Maëva Le Berre, Nicolas Repac, Simon Dalmais, Nicolas Martel and a bunch of guests including Kyrie Kristmanson, Piers Faccini or Hugh Coltman to cook up the dreamlike piece ‘On a dit, on fait un spectacle‘ presented on the 18th at the Théâtre du Nord in Lille, from the 26th to the 30th at the Philharmonie in Paris.

Once active support given to these enlivening fitzcarraldies, I’ll go back to mine. For now on, I offer to treat you thrice with a journey in time:

  • ne is mint and brass-scented, filled with fresh air and coated with rising light, it foretells the upcoming album from the NO&RD duo with Régïs Boulard.
  • ne is a blurred durian custard, dark and purple, it foretells the upcoming phobic album with Marc Sens.
  • ne is well-kept secret sweets, it brings us back 3 years ago with the Dan Ramaën film ‘How we tried a new combination of shade’, another manner to savour the symphonic piece leading to the marvel. The key to the safe is chan4id6ay

When the World falls asleep, the illuminated sliver of land which is the Moon reflects what we have lost. Looking upwards, still connected to this remote part of ourselves, we will shine in a different way. Have a lovely year.

Olivier Mellano

2016-01 Lettre d'info d'Olivier Mellano