M a y – b e s o f t a n d a i r e d o u t

M a y – b e s o f t a n d a i r e d o u t

M a y – b e  s o f t  a n d  a i r e d  o u t

≡ May 2019 ≡

After a quite compact April, some air is poking around 3 moments woven with softness, weightless and light as if to hold high resonance.

On the 7th, our BAUM will meet up a new areopagus of angels’ voices made of Jeanne Added, Hugh Coltman, Elise Caron, Kyrie Kristmanson, John Greaves, Sandra Nkaké, Himiko Paganotti and Albin de la Simone to interpret Gabriel Fauré Melodies at La Coursive – Scène Nationale de La Rochelle.

visuel Ici-Bas par Etienne Daho extrait du clip de S. LaudenbachAs a reflection of all this, we’ll give you a shot of luminous spleen, a cocktail of every soul’s era unfolded in a short film by the maestro of animated motion -Sébastien Laudenbach- for our ‘Ici-Bas‘ sung by Étienne Daho.

L'Ombre de la Vapeur d'Adrien M et Claire BOn the 18th and 19th, a break in Charente territory for the Festival MétaMusiques where, with Kyrie Kristmanson, we will perform 5 sets deep inside L’ombre de la Vapeur. We will extend my proteodies compositions of the Adrien M & Claire B immersive piece that we may visit again and up to 31 October at the Fondation Martell in Cognac.

Nova OratorioThen on the 24th and 25th, we will be on stage at Scène Nationale de Châteauvallon with Claire ingrid Cottanceau and a new choir of elder to have the flamboyant and infinite words of NOVA – Oratorio resonated.

May you be here or there, we will also have the opportunity to hear my music among the clarinets of ‘Qui a tué mon père ?’ by Stanislas Nordey from 2 to 15 at Théâtre National de Strasbourg, among the extraterrestrial motets of ‘Ersatz’ by Julien Mellano on the 4th in Binic and the 17th at Hennebont and among the harpsichords of ‘Le Fils’ by Emmanuelle Hiron from 9 to 10 in Brest, on the 14th in Guyancourt and 16th in Guingamp.

MellaNoisEscape extrait de Heartbeat of the DeathBefore letting you tasting back the precious space between things, just a final say for Heartbeat of the Death the latest MellaNoisEscape video clip filmed by Gaëtan Chataigner and also and above all speaking about this space.

Olivier Mellano