Let’s celebrate our inner Idiot #77

Mellano Soyoc Clip Idiot - Ted Etienne

Let’s celebrate our inner Idiot #77

Let’s celebrate our inner Idiot


≡ February 2023 ≡


Régis Boulard (photo Dimitri Rouchon-Borie)In 2015, with the drummer Régïs Boulard, we locked ourselves up for a day in the Caverne studio, our minds had been hanged on the cloakroom while we were plunging into our ‘personal idiots’. On the same evening, NO&RD recorded its One album, without us really aware of what we had done. Music had sprung out, wild and released from our intentions. Now, this February, on the same basis, we plunge again for 3 improvised and cheekily mindless breath-holding days. Will the experiment be conclusive, a second album shall not be long to display its shaggy face.


Idiot de Mellano Soyoc - clip de Gaëtan ChataignerIt is that magnificent Idiot that we will celebrate with the brand-new video clip of Mellano Soyoc, produced by Sourdoreille and directed by the marvellous Gaëtan Chataignier with the equally marvellous Ted Etienne.
Would you wish, just like Ted did, spin and waltz on our dBs, Ready, Steady, Goth! You could headbang at Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy on the 3rd, for an evening in tribute to dearly departed Spatz on KaS Product’s land and with its new special line-up. You could also boogie in Allonnes on the 4th with our friends Mona Kazu and take off the ground of the Aéronef in Lille on the 24th for new meeting with our friends And Also The Trees.


Festival Travelling - plusieurs films au programme avec des BO d'O. MellanoMy presence at this year Festival Travelling in Rennes will be more muffled. I’ll be at the Arvor cinema with the fine production company À Perte de Vue, to introduce two documentary films whose score I was pleased to compose: Moruroa Papa by Paul Manate, the picture of a father in the French Polynesia with nuclear tests as backdrop, on the 12th at 2.15pm; Pollock & Pollock by and in the presence of Isabelle Rèbre, the picture of two artist brothers with the artistic fervour of the 20th century New York as backdrop, on the 13th at 6.15pm.
You could also watch the premiere of Nuits Blanches by Janis Aussel, pictures of insomniac people with Your servant’s music as backdrop, for the Courts à l’Ouest programmation on the 11th at 6.30pm at the Pathé cinema.


Hémisphère Son - Portraits sonores - Olivier MellanoDo you know Hémisphère Son? This fascinating and plentiful salutary island of innovative music whose surveying I warmly recommend, honours me with a sound picture signed by the musicologist Guillaume Kosmicki. You’ll hear about maximalism, emotion, Éon, the How we tried saga, NO&RD and Exprosion / Improsion.


Défilé Issey Miyake - habillage sonore O. MellanoAn atlantic kicking of Ersatz by Julien Mellano in Treillères on the 10th, in Mont-de-Marsan on the 21st and 22nd while, on the other side of the Atlantic, our Last Minute set by the photon clockmakers Adrien M &
Claire B begins its last month at the Centre Phi in Montreal. To end with similar tones, some zero-gravity on the catwalk with a memory of the Issey Miyake fashion show that we had the pleasure to atmosphere.

Let’s go and drive out the Idiot napping inside us, that one would most likely bring us a certain joy.

Intuitively Deciding If One Tumbles.


Olivier Mellano