It’s never too late to undo till May is out

It’s never too late to undo till May is out

Following the fateful electoral first round and without any need to increase the bitter hullabaloo, we will do what we assume to be fair and will carry on with our don quixotian programme, the same old one: daring the impossible, making beauty bloom, lighting up the horizon.

It will start in aether with the students of the Master degree in Literature and Creative writing at Le Havre, for three days drilling in the heart of emptiness, of literary abstraction and of absence of matter. A public restitution will be performed on the 5th at 8pm at the Fort de Tourneville and will be broadcast live on Here is a souvenir of the 2015 workshop.

Musical youth. Commissioned by the Rennes Conservatoire, the Youth Symphony Orchestra, and its 150 musicians from Rennes and the whereabouts will interpret the new piece I tailor-made for them: ‘En regardant le ciel’, along with Strauss, Bizet, Tchaikovsky and Liszt. The programme will happen on the 24th in Cesson-Sévigné, on the 19th in Chartres-de-Bretagne and on the 6th in Bruz.

This concert on the 6th will be like a balm to the postponement of the No Land London show that was scheduled on that very day. But we will meet again with Brendan Perry & Bagad Cesson on the 13th in Nantes and our ode anti lower-front will be heard loud and clear at the Lieu Unique. It will be the last No Land date for this season, feel free to book.

Another ode to light, another song to resistance. Put on your best headphones, close your eyes and let yourself be lifted up by Claire ingrid Cottanceau’s voice, Handke’s words and by music. On the 23rd at 11pm during the France Culture’s Atelier Fiction you are invited to discover a radio variation of our Oratorio NOVA with the participation of the outstanding John Greaves. And all of that will be available by endless podcasts.

If you’re in Paris on the 19th at 7pm, sound will fill the heart of the Centre Pompidou and you’ll be able to listen to ‘Le journal d’un marcheur’, among others, a post-apocalyptic guided tour by Camille Azaïs and Christophe Hocké and set to music by your servant. It will be part of the Soirée Sonore with Arte Radio. And will your body be elsewhere, you’ll have the opportunity to catch up the event with the Centre Pompidou app on the Museum Fiction theme.

We’ll be floating, light, in Madame Lune’s dreams for the ‘On a dit on fait un spectacle’ mini-tour, with the crazy cream Kyrie Kristmanson, Sandra N’Kaké, Géraldine Martineau, Maëva Le Berre, Anne Gouverneur, Hugh Coltman, JP Nataf, Nicolas Martel, Nicolas Repac and Simon Dalmais. We’ll start from la Source à Fontaine on the 17th, we’ll migrate upstream towards La Scène Nationale Arras on the 19th, we’ll slide to the Louvre Lens that we’ll flood with impromptus dialoguing with the works of art on the 20th to dip into the Maine at the Quai in Angers on the 30th.

Here it is for my bee-business. With the hope that you’ll enjoy some sweet things until we’ll see how much your national future is less than desirable. It is up to us now to choose which two threats we’ll then fight. We still have the choice of the adversary.

Olivier Mellano