In other spaces #88

Newsletter 88 March 2024 (Encampment - Gertrude Abercrombie)

In other spaces #88

In other spaces


≡ March 2024 ≡


Exprosion / Improsion - 6ème épisode (Gertrude Abercrombie - Levitation 1953) Last December, we left Parabulle, Xgxctrkchl, Sang and Amorse floating above ground and moving away into the air of the fifth episode of Exprosion. Now, right after this short break imto-weightlessness, you can resume the adventure and meet again Carlo, Clara and Claire to be launched into Un autre endroit, a space that is also this one. A space of forms and light, of dense dances and woolly waves and a space waiting for you just here.

Just like we’ll be waiting for you in the flesh and words, with Carlo Brandt and Claire ingrid Cottanceau, for a new Concert-lecture of Exprosion Improsion, at the other end of this month on the 31st at 6pm, near Rennes during the Fête du Livre of the City of Book a.k.a. Bécherel.

The day before, on the 30th, I’ll be at the Ubu in Rennes to throw waves and dB to where dear friend and late Dominic Sonic might catch them. With other friends, we’ll celebrate the memory of this angel of Rennes rock, as well as the release of a posthumous album assembled by Romain Baousson and for which I was proud to participate. The Ubu venue will feel festive and emotional.

There are other spaces, much more bitter, into which art sometimes has to bring face to face.

Le Voyage dans l’Est par Stanislas Nordey – musique O. Mellano | Nanterre 1-15 mars (The Night Visitor - G. Abercrombie) Le Voyage dans l’Est written by Christine Angot and staged by Stanislas Nordey, or the depths of incest, with Carla Audebaud, Cécile Brune, Claude Duparfait, Pierre-François Garel, Charline Grand, Moanda Daddy Kamono, Julie Moreau and my music, will strike the Amandiers in Nanterre from the 1st to the 15th.

Abysses par Alexandra Tobelaim en tournée en France Abysses written by Davide Enia and staged by Alexandra Tobelaim, or the drama of refugees fleeing from their country, with Solal Bouloudnine & Claire Vailler with whom I composed music, will grab Paris at the Théâtre 13 up to the 9th, then Toulouse on the 13th and 14th, and Cavaillon on the 21st; staged by Alexandra again, Face à la mère, by J-R Lemoine, or the poem to the dead mother in Haiti’s violence, at the CDNOI at St-Denis de la Réunion on the 28th-29th.

Acqua Alta d'Adrien M & Claire B - Kerkrade (NL) 10 mars Acqua Alta by Adrien M & Claire B, or the heart’s turmoil and soul’s flurry, with Dimitri Hatton, Satchie Noro and my music, will head up for the first time to the Netherlands for the Schrit_tmacher Festivalle on the 10th at Kerkrade.

L'Aquoiboniste de Jean-Benoît Patricot - Paris(visuel Gertrude Abercrombie) L’Aquoiboniste by Jean-Benoît Patricot, or the stupefaction of loss, with Bertrand Skol and my music, will captivate the Théâtre Libre in Paris for another 11 nights up to the 24th.

Regardless of the worlds we walk down, the spaces into which we will be launched, from the most tangible to the most abstract, from the heavier to the aerier, from the darker to the brighter, from the most serious to the most light-minded, it is among their collisions, their disparities and their permanent back and forth, that the complex framework of the world and the flexible tissue of our work are woven.

Olivier Mellano


Peintures Gertrude Abercrombie (1909-1977)