Ici-bas but not only #86

Moondog & Gabriel Fauré au programme du festival Autres Mesures Rennes 9 & 10 janvier - carte blanche O. Mellano

Ici-bas but not only #86

Ici-bas but not only

≡ January 2024 ≡


As announced last month, the new year starts with great fanfare at the Opera in Rennes, with the double carte blanche I am being offered by the Festival Autres Mesures, dedicated to two Cador songwriters.

Moondog - H'art Songs - Opéra de Rennes 9 janvier 2024On the 9th, we will celebrate the Viking of 6th Avenue, Moondog and his album H’art Songs recreated with Bertrand Belin, G.W. Sok, Borja Flames, John Greaves and David Sztanke on voices, Barbara Dang and Melaine Dalibert at the pianos, and Lou Renaud-Bailly on percussion.

Ici-Bas - Les Mélodies de Fauré - Opéra de Rennes 10 janvier (Photo Richard Dumas)On the 10th, back one century ago, to move from the tall bearded one to the distinguinshed moustached one, with BAUM come-back and Ici-Bas – Les Mélodies de Fauré with Élise Caron, Hugh Coltman, John Greaves, Kyrie Kristmanson, Himiko Paganotti, Rosemary Standley on voices, Simon Dalmais at the piano, Anne Gouverneur on violin and Maëva Le Berre on cello.

More, icing before the cake, to smoothly enter the BAUM bath, Pauline Jardel’s film Fauré, Baum et les autres will be shown ath the Rennes Arvor cinema on the 6th at 6.00pm.

Between, improvisation danse musique avec Sylvain Groud - Cotentin 15-17 janvier And then, up to the Cotentin peninsula in Normandy for Between the project of the dancer choreographer Sylvain Groud whom I will work with and improvise during three days among spectators. On the 15th in Sainte-Mère-Église, on the 16th in La Hague and then in Montebourg, on the 17th in the attic of the Italian-style of the Trident theatre in Cherbourg. Four impermanent performances, four experiences of the present moment to attune mouvement, music, places and people.

Another dance with Acqua Alta by Adrien M & Claire B that you can see in Poitiers on the 30th. In Yverdon, (Switzerland), Last Minute will be on for the last week but it will string out further North in Zaandam (Netherlands) from the 5th to the 7th.

Then, four events in Paris this month.

Abysses par Alexandra Tobelaim - Paris 18-20 janvier (musique Olivier Mellano)From the 18th to the 20th at the Centquatre, you can see Abysses by Davide Enia, staged by Alexandra Tobelaim, with both fantastic Solal Bouloudnine and Claire Vailler with whom I composed music. A poignant play in which the link between father & son is weaving amidst the drama of migrants.

Sonore Boréale (La Funghimiracolette) avec Sylvain Lemêtre Paris 21 janvier On the 21st, at the Théâtre Monfort, we will go far away with the astonishing percussionist Sylvain Lemêtre who will strike bows of water, harpfalls, sonovorous and other silencious music from La Funghimiracolette at the Festival Sonore.

Étienne Klein en conférence concert avec Olivier Mellano à Paris le 29 janvier 2024On the 29th, at the Maison de la Poésie, I will meet Etienne Klein again, for a new concert-lecture whose theme will be decided, like every time, a few minutes before coming on stage, but that will pace the scale of the infinites, from the big zoom out to the big zoom in, from cosmic to quantum.

Rencontre Éditions MF - Paris (5e) 6 janvier 19h30No Exprosion episode episode for this month – to allow those of you that have not yet jump on the bandwagon of this sonic trip to have time to catch up with the first five ones. Instead, a date on the 6th at the L’Ours et la Vieille Grille (9 rue Larrey-75005) for an evening dedicated to the audacious Editions MF: with Sandra Moussempes and her fascinating book Fréquence Mulholland and Laure Gauthier and her stunning D’un lyrisme l’autre, the whole evening orchestrated by the sprightly Bastien Gallet, mastermind of MF.

I wish, to each and everyone of you, all the best for the coming new year. May it be stouthearted and gentle, intense and calm.


Olivier Mellano