How to stand still when on fire

How to stand still when on fire

When the chasm of thoughts crumbles the earth under our feet, when the world’s insanity echoes and ends up tucking in our eyes wide open, when the roaring cluster of opinions makes impossible to hear the confused complexity in which our civilization has got entangled, we think that our own bee business is quite desultory… …and then, pretty quickly, we know that nothing could be less useless, should we dance on a worm-eaten ground, we have to make the horizon shine, more than ever, with even more intensity, with even more generosity.

Thus, let’s restore the Up with the Cheer, not with the Throw! It will start with two MellaNoisEscape gigs to support Zone Libre on the 1st in Lille and on the 4th in Bordeaux.

After that, I will have the privilege to become a jury member at the Animation Film Festival that will take place in Bruz from the 7th to 13th. On the 9th, I will speak about what I have created for animated movies, along with the extraordinary director Sébastien Laudenbach. On the 12th, I will bury away the MellaNoisEscape 1.0 version whose decibels will be turned into dancing rays of light on that occasion, thanks to the same and still extraordinary Sébastien Laudenbach.

Another ‘Movement-Image’: I will complete adding up the power lines for ‘Jamais contente’, a film by Émilie Deleuze, a modern tale about a teenager caught up with her teenage years, rocked by BRMC and tempted by Ponge.

On the 10th, motionless but on fire, Claro the fireproof man and I will be at the Abattoirs in Toulouse. To hear the crackle of his sublime poem, edited by l’Ogre and whose title is so beautiful that I couldn’t help stealing it from him.

And as, after all, it is soon time for Xmas and for new Magi to enter the Rational Gallery, we have prepare a lovely MellaMasScape gift box to lighten your heart and your purse.

Here it is for this end of the year that I wish you as sweet and serene as may be. When darkness surrounds us, we must broaden light, when the world falls into shades of humankind, we have no other choice than intensify ours. It is up to us to make the days better.

Olivier Mellano

2015 12 Lettre d'info d'Olivier Mellano