Front news

Front news

Affabulazione de Pasolini mis en scène par Stanislas Nordey« February 2015 is here and I am deep into rehearsals and the creation of Affabulazione after Pasolini, staged by Stanislas Nordey. A third collaboration with Stanislas, always a big ask and a mutual leap of faith in a climate which is stimulating to say the least. We’ll be performing at the Théâtre Vidy in Lausanne the first two weeks of March and at the Théâtre national de Bretagne in Rennes the second fortnight.

Blonde RedheadSome MellaNoisEscape gigs will spread an even scratch on the silk of performance and will continue to pierce with decibels the next weeks. I shall be honored to support the best group of the world in the best French venue, on 1 March 2015 in La Rochelle.

Other news from MellaNoisEscape: Pop Chords, a new video directed by Coxypy and that traces back the 15 gigs in 3 days-session under the iced sun and rainy nights of the lattest TransMusicales.

Bed (concert) RennesBed and MellaNoisEscape will join again on 21 of February at La Cité in Rennes. Still waiting for more opportunities to have Burello’s wonders echoed in the coming months.

As for recordings, the Filiamotsa Grand Orchestra CD is on its way, a duet with Noël Akchoté is in progress, la Machine couchée by Régis Boulard is on the mixing stages for release by Signature and, to end with, John Greaves’ Les Airs of which I will tell you more in another letter..

NO&RD Olivier Mellano & Régïs BoulardYet, our NORD duet with the above-named Régis Boulard have recently been invited to jam on the distinguished programme Les Aventures sonores of France Musique radio: you are invited to seize the scale of the notes by podcasting them.

Here it is for my bee-business. Now, let us try to keep on smiling among the storm, the storm in mind while waiting for the bloom to come back. »

Olivier Mellano