First times – Last times

First times – Last times

October will begin in Montreal where for the first time we will let loose a new 2-head hydra with Mr. Brooks aka MC Dälek. It will be on the 3rd at Sala Rossa, a one-shot duet concert that promises to be dark, strong and mesmeric.

Twelve years after being created, although it is not the first time I an announce it, I will be playing for the last time my film-concert ‘Sunrise’ at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma. It will be on the 6th, still in Montreal, at the Cinémathèque québécoise and it should be dark, strong and bright.

Back to France on the 8th, for the first NO&RD concert in Paris. It will be on the FGO Barbara centre and, as always with Sir Boulard, we will be boosted as never. We will share the stage with Zinn Trio, the project of comrade Vincent Ferrand who honoured me by using one of my words for his good tribute album to Howard Zinn.

Speaking about album, here is the link to reach our collection of phobias captured with Marc Sens. Would you need to recover from your emotions, wade into MellaNoisEscape for a hug and for its 3-time remixed version by the Brest cool gang from Studio Fantôme: John Trap, Henri Wimp and Arnaud Le Gouëfflec who also participates with other 32 artists in the Terres-Neuves, album, the photographer Jérôme Sevrette’s disc-portfolio on which I scattered some notes under sky-laden words from David Jacob.

We still do not know whether it is theatre play or concert and we do not bother more than that, we will play « Nourrir la Lune » by Florent Trochel from the 14th to the 22nd at Théâtre de l’Échangeur in Bagnolet (off on the 19th). The fourth and the second last of the eight performances have surprises in store for you.

Even if it is surely better to go(back) and see it when being released, you can watch for free « La jeune fille sans mains », the masterpiece from film-maker Sébastien Laudenbach and whose music I had the pleasure to compose, during the online European preview on ArteKinoFestival up to the 9th. This animated movie is selected for the Audience Award and as it might be the last time where we will be voting with enthusiasm, you could vote for it.

Even if we do not yet know if the Minotaure’s precincts could hold the storm of sounds of Bagad Cesson and the emotional waves of Brendan Perry’s voice, we will perform NO LAND for the first time indoors at the Rockomotives Festival in Vendôme on the 29th. This fundamental festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary and takes the opportunity to release a 25-tracks compilation whose last one is Dead Sparkling Stars in its top first version.

Unless you join us for NO LAND coming dates, there is nothing to listen to yet. Therefore, if you want to learn more about this project –and overcome for good your Frenglish accent’s complexity- our first crossed interview with Brendan Perry is on line.

To find back the sparkling of the world, let us carry on considering every thing with the candour of the first time and the intensity of the last time. It might be with these eyes that the present will become a present again.

Olivier Mellano

2016-10 Lettre d'info d'Olivier Mellano