Everyday night fever.

Everyday night fever.

Affabulazione at the theatre de la Colline Should there be evenings all alike in May, they will be mine.

I will be every night from May the 12th to June the 7th at the core of La Colline, on a 23-performance tunnel of Affabulazione, for a musical spitting image of Stanislas Nordey as a messed up father in a physical and passionate acting, all that with capital P as for Pasolini (off on Mondays).

Olivier Mellano on the stairs of the Cannes festivalA quasi-routine firstly broken for a return ticket to Cannes on May the 18th for displaying the music composed for the bloody short film from Marion Laine ‘On the road to paradise’ ; and secondly for a few diurnal studio sessions.

Les Marquises - Only Ghost remix d'Olivier MellanoTo start with, for the guitar-recording for the oncoming album of the charming band Les Marquises with whom I once made a remix that you can still listen to on: https://lesmarquises.bandcamp.com/track/only-ghosts-olivier-mellano-remix

Collaboration avec Marc Sens et NORDThen back to the studio Caverne for my first collaboration with film director Chiara Malta, followed by two musical albums in duet, one with the great guitarist Marc Sens and the other with the great drummer Régis Boulard whose two final letters make the half of the NORD duet.

And as spring will definitely not allow me to take advantage of its sweetness, it also locked me up for a day to work up the music of the bright short film from Frédérick Laurent ‘L’aveugle et la Cardinale’, with a capital C as for Claudia.

Oswald de nuit de Samuel Gallet diffusé sur France Culture le 26 mai 2015To end up with, on May the 26th at 11pm, you are invited to discover on France Culture radio ‘Oswald de Nuit’ by Samuel Gallet, a fiction story for radio written by Christophe Hocké and for which I was pleased to write and perform with voices of Adèle Haenel, Nicolas Bouchaud, Hector Manuel, Denis Lavant, Ruth Olaïzola and Emmanuelle Destremau. http://www.franceculture.fr/émission-l-atelier-fiction-oswald-de-nuit-2015-05-26

Here it is for my bee-business and otherwise, make the most of your days and stretch out under the sun of these days that are stretching longer.

Olivier Mellano