Eleven cities where I’ll be without me #87

Shinpo - Nasu No Yoichi - Maître de tir à l'arc

Eleven cities where I’ll be without me #87

Eleven cities where I’ll be without me


≡ February 2024 ≡


The miracle with music, writing or any other form of art, is that you can simultaneously be present in plenty of spaces without necessarily being there. That will be the case this month, with six events that might occur close to you.

Primo. In Paris where you can see L’Aquoiboniste by Jean-Benoît Patricot with Bertrand Skol. A play freely based on La Mort d’Olivier Bécaille by Émile Zola, a story about life and death woven by love along the twenty-two shows at the Théâtre Libre as from the 1st.

Acqua Alta d'Adrien M & Claire B (Photo Romain Étienne)Secundo. The light of Acqua Alta by Adrien M & Claire B still flowing by, around and among the dancing bodies of Dimitri Hatton and Satchie Noro who will swirl from Niort on the 3rd, to Cesson Sévigné on the 6th and Ancenis-Saint-Géréon on the 9th, and Alès from the  27th to the  au 29th.

Abysses par Alexandra Tobelaim - en tournéeTertio. The Abysses drama by Davide Enia, embodied by Solal Bouloudnine and the magnetic singing of Claire Vailler, staged by Alexandra Tobelaim will move to Épinal on the 6th,  Esch-sur-Alzette on the 9th and 10th, Angers on the 13 and 14th, and Paris once again from February 28 to March 9.

Nosferatu vs Ersatz - Julien MellanoQuarto. In Angers again, from the 7th to the 10th, the eye teeth of the twenty-year-old Nosferatu disembodied by Denis Athimon and Julien Mellano will scratch your zygomas.
Quinto. Ersatz v2 by foresaid bro will be unvirtualized by Sarah Reyjasse in Zurich on the 1st and 2nd.

Le Voyage dans l'Est de Christine Angot par Stanislas Nordey - Nanterre (Amandiers) du 1er au 15 marsAnd sexto, slightly ahead for those who would like to book in time, Le Voyage dans l’Est by Christine Angot and staged by Stanislas Nordey will shake the Amandiers in Nanterre, in March from 1 to 15.

Here are the places where my music will accompany all these plays as great as different.

Sébastien Laudenbach - exposition et impro avec Olivier MellanoNonetheless, there will be a day where I’ll be somewhere this month. It will happen on the 24th in Saint-Gratien with the marvellous film director-illustrator Sébastien Laudenbach for whom I composed, among others, La Jeune Fille Sans Mains. We will meet again for a performance during which I will improvise on drawings in movement that Sébastien will improvise on the music I will improvise on his drawings… This merry musical and audiovisual ping pong will be programmed for his exhibition L’imprévu c’est la vie at the Espace Jacques Villeglé.

Apart from that, no other audio unpacking in February but, just like plants that give up their aerial sections so that to rise at Spring time, it is working underneath with, for instance, the coming episodes of Exprosion Improsion and three new albums ready to jump on your greedy ears.

See you soon for the next adventures.


Olivier Mellano