Dream teams and public service

Dream teams and public service

Their name are Christine, Georgina, Danielle, Danièle, Monique, Suzanne, Eugénie, Jean-Louis, Anne-Marie, Colette, Christian, Jeanne, Noëlle, Jean-Max, Fabienne, Annette, Anne, Hypo, Eve, Marie-France and Jean-Claude, they scoff at their 70 years and embody the magnificent choir of the Oratorio – Nova I was speaking about at the end of the previous episode. With this dream team, Claire ingrid Cottanceau, Thierry Thieû Niang and myself are in the starting blocks, ready to fire the Handke poem on the 2nd and 3rd of March, in the Théâtre du Garde-Chasse at Les Lilas. Something tells me that we could soar high there. Book.

Same evening, different piece. As there is no coincidence, it is also on the 2nd that another co-creation with Claire ingrid Cottanceau will be achieved. The first facet of the Rothko work we have been working on for a year will be broadcast on France Culture at 11pm, as part of a Création on Air, with the participation of Susza Hantaï, Georges Didi-Huberman, Fabrice Midal, Jean-Luc Nancy and Arthur-Laurent Nauzyciel that honour us by discussing the mystery operating at Rothko’s. Get a rub of the beyond words with the new vocal piece ‘Black, Red over Black, on Red’ interpreted by Les Voix Imaginaires and with texts by John Taggart that will be diffracted as islets of non-utterable and available in their entirety on the show webpage.

Different date, same duo, same place as we will definitely be squatting the round house that week. On the 10th, an audio version of the Oratorio-Nova will be performed live with audience at the Maison de la Radio and on the 17th April on France Culture.

Through the magic of radio waves, I will simultaneously be with Rodolphe Burger on France Inter for the « Foule sentimentale » show.

Different set. After having the painting heard on radio, some will blindly slip to the cinema, on the 12th, the beautiful short-film by Frédérick Laurent, « L’aveugle et la Cardinale« , which music I composed, will be broadcast on France 2 during the « Histoires Courtes » program.

Out of the set and back to the West on the 16th to celebrate the 10-years of Carène Sweet where we will make up a we-do-not-know-what-but-we-know-why with nice chaps Arnaud Le Gouëfflec and Ezra. Dream team.

On the 21st in Reims, gathering the sparkling dream team of Madame Lune for « On a dit… » steeped with Hugh Coltman, Kyrie Kristmanson, JP Nataf, Simon Dalmais, Maëva Le Berre, Anne Gouverneur and Nicolas Repac.

After the elders choir, the floor opens for the young ones of « Au cœur« , a performance by the angel Thierry Thieû Niang that I will have the privilege to join at the Museum of History of Immigration on the 25th at 3pm during a ballet of zero-gravity falls.

This dreamteamesque month will end in Rennes, by meeting Rodolphe Burger again as he invited me on the 31st to share the stage with Eric Truffaz and Bertrand Belin at the festival Mythos for his wonderful album ‘Good’.

A daydream it is to work with dream partners. A fragile joyfulness to carry on having our work echo in what is left of this great idea that is public service. Let’s us just be aware of its fragility.

Olivier Mellano

2017-03 Lettre d'info d'Olivier Mellano