≡ December 2021 ≡


For we would have hoped for a sweeter twelfth month, here some treats.

Aurore - ciné-concert O. MellanoTo start with, the Murnau’s one, the one that pulses all along his chef-d’oeuvre, Sunrise – A Song Of Two Humans, for which I’ll be pleased to play the score I composed during a live screening at La Bobine in Grenoble on the 3rd. The day after, at the same place, I’ll shell out for a masterclass where I will try myself to understand what in the world is going on when we’re working on a live screening.

Labo-Lune #1 Compagnie Madamelune | Les LilasOn the 10th at Les Lilas, words to sweeten wounds and to bend the ‘ll’ of the swell, words by Sonia Bester, inspired by her discussions with prisoners, caregivers and patients, and that will be spoken by Pierre Dumond, Pascal Durozier, Romain Francisco, Carolina Pecheny, Marion Suzanne and Karina Testa while I’ll wrap them with music.

Carmina Luminis Lembe Lokk . Olivier Mellano | Fontenay-sous-Bois On the 11th, we’ll put the light on Carmina Luminis, a new project with baroque colours, electric and ethereal, played in a duet with the Estonian singer Lembe Lokk and where we’ll mingle Purcell, Haendel and Britten with our compositions. This inaugural concert will take place in the midst of the moonlit velvety clouds some yards above the Comptoir in Fontenay-sous-Bois.

Core - Adrien M & Claire BOther lights… Whereas our Adrien M & Claire B’s creation is on preparation for next spring, you can still immerse yourself in our CORE at the Bourse du Travail in Valence up till 2 January, as well as at Oasis Immersion in Montreal up to 7 April.

And because, besides art, science is one of the things capable of making us grow by way of wonder if we accept to be tossed around and because it is sometimes joyful to see them both colliding with each other, Supergravité by Julien Mellano will be played in Brest on 2 December, Ersatz in Gentilly on the 3rd and the 4th and in Reims on the 9th.

Olivier Mellano et Étienne Klein Conférence musicale – La physique To end with, will you feel like having a good shot of counterintuitive infinite by getting an overview of the world that is often served us in a very narrow way, our dive into space-time and quantum physics with Étienne Klein is now accessible on the website of the Parisian Maison de la Poésie.

Potentially, will you wish to offer (yourself) some spicy treats for the New Year’s gifts, the NO&RD’s album is now on streaming and on sale, and some sweet monsters from the Rational Gallery are still waiting to be adopted.

I wish you a sweet end of year letting you delve into our selves so that, from a sometimes shrinking world, a wider one might spring.

Olivier Mellano