Celestial dictation #89

Dictée céleste - Olivier Mellano Newsletter 2024-04

Celestial dictation #89

Celestial dictation


≡ April 2024 ≡


Ballet du Nord (danseurs improvisant)Here come the April news blossoming and setting us down at the heart of dancing bodies, on the 2nd at the Ballet du Nord with dancer and choreographer Sylvain Groud, for a 19-21, a collective experience improvised with the Roubaix audience for a 2-hour event.
The day after, we’ll extend this shared gesture made of sounds and movements towards our elders, with an improvised Between among the intimacy of the home for the aged, La Fraternité in Roubaix.

conférence-concert Olivier Mellano / Étienne KleinAfter that, we’ll move from the fraternizing bodies’ ballet to a celestial bodies and particles’ ballet. Invited by the Espace des Sciences in Rennes, I’ll meet again comrade Étienne Klein for another improvised concert-lecture: pacing up and down the scales from the infinitely big to the infinitesimally small, where the notions of space and time joyfully dissolve although we can assert that this event will happen in our dimension, at the Auditorium des Champs Libres, on the 9th. Will you not be in Rennes, technology will allow you to challenge space and attend live at the online event.

La Dictée - épisode 7 Exprosion ImprosionTake out your papers, get your pens and take off with the seventh episode of Exprosion Improsion, still running out its sound and being listened to for the long haul, and that invites you this time to a strange Dictation, with the exceptional presence of Madeleine Louarn as the schoolteacher of the cosmos and the return of the actors of Catalyse.

Will the fortuity of geography leads you on the Loire banks, the Manzanares banks or near the Pacific, you might delight in Ersatz by Julien Mellano at La Chapelle-sur-Erdre on the 19th, in  Dernière Minute by Adrien M & Claire B from the 23rd to 28th in Madrid, or in  Abysses in the island of La Réunion on the 4th and 5th of April.

Dance, zoom in, zoom out and let yourself be dictated by Spring time.

Olivier Mellano