Off the record

Off the record

≡ October 2017 ≡

This month, noise, fury and open secrets.

MellaNoiseScapePopping and banging, October begins with four warm-up gigs from the new MellaNoiseScape formula, just to experience the brand new 3-wheel speedster, on and off-road, and before recording the future album with luxury co-drivers Valentina Magaletti on drums and Suzy LeVoid on bass guitar.
This ‘Off the record’ escapade from West to East, will start on the 3rd at the Café Central in Vendôme, then the 5th at the Café Charbon in Nevers, the 6th at the MJC Lillebonne in Nancy. And it will end on the 7th at the MCL in Gérardmer for a special evening where ‘The Girl without Hands’ will kick off before the Bacchanales take over since we will also be on stage with NO&RD – something that will not quite protect us from a Boulard/Magaletti magic drumsticks’ crash.

Under stormy skies, Fulmine will make its way and let off its fury on the 21st and 22nd at the Théâtre de Poche in Hédé (35).

The Erinyes behind us, we will resume the NOVA-Oratorio rehearsals with Claire ingrid Cottanceau and a new choir from Rennes. By the way, slightly beforehand, may I whisper a word to confide you that the booking is open to buy your tickets for the 10, 11 or 12 November. Limited capacity, planning required.

Another good tip: tickets for the ultimate NO LAND concert on the 25th in Cesson-Sévigné (35) are also available. It will be your last chance to hear this madness in live music, before the record, that we will celebrate on that night, takes over.

New site - Old site

These past months also favoured major works conducted by the precious and good fairy Caroline Cornu who rewards us with a brand new website, with new tapestries and bigger rooms that I invite you to visit. You’ll have the chance to immerse yourselves again in projects, see if you can plan upcoming events, turn the history back, consult the discography, music and live videos, play radios for hours and throw your money out.

A flock of thanks to Caroline for her invaluable work.

Have a nice Fall and till soon in November as full as an egg and strong as an ox.

Olivier Mellano