Cocktail #74

Lubin Baugin - Nature Morte Aux Gaufrettes (1630)

Cocktail #74



≡ November 2022 ≡


Sipping or gulping, with a glassful or an infusion, let’s drink November.

On the 7th, an appetiser: a one shot improvised performance, with Hélène Frappat, at the  Fondation Pernod Ricard. An evening, more with ancestral spirits than liquid ones, based on words especially created for the performance by Hélène and soberly named ‘Caring for the dead’, evening during which the designer Antoine Fenoglio and the philosopher Cynthia Fleury will also participate.

BED et NO&RD en concert à Paris 16 novembre Then, on the 16th, in Paris again, double shot. The huge sonic spaces of NO&RD, our duo free as a spirited horse rejoicing to play for one of its few such concerts; the highness and profoundness of Bed, the marvellous sonic nectar by Benoît Burello, a music equally much too rare on stage and that we will play in a trio with comrade Thierry Chompré on drums. This unmissable evening will take place at the Dame de Canton.

Mellano Soyoc et Bed à Rennes le 17 novembre The day after, on the 17th, triple shot in Rennes with Bed once again, MELLANO SOYOC as a firewater Eau de Vie and Versari to crown the sonic dance. This unmissable evening will take place at the Ubu.

Dernière minute d'Adrien M & Claire B On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the Dernière Minute installation by Adrien M & Claire B will be throbbing for 4 months at the Centre Phi in Montreal, while the ‘Mirages & Miracles’ exhibition will bath L’archipel in Perpignan.

The impeccable Ersatz by Julien Mellano will bend the Hexagone stage in Meylan from the 15th to the 18th.

Le Fils soon celebrating its sixth anniversary, continues its pilgrimage, led by the poignant Emmanuelle Hiron, and will be on the 15th at the Théâtre de Brétigny and on the 29th at the Théâtre de Saint Lô.

Zones - John Greaves Backstage, mixtures are being prepared: a guitar-organ duo with Melaine Dalibert, a composition for pebbles, a tracking in Rothko’s land and other elixirs. Meanwhile, feel free to savour without limit the Alcohols by Apollinaire, distilled by John Greaves in his Zones, album, recently served by Signature label and warmly recommended.


Olivier Mellano