Ceremonies #72

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Ceremonies #72



≡ September 2022 ≡


After a short silence, let’s take off again for a return under the auspices of quantum, dream and the missing ones. Quarks, dream, goth. Three rendezvous for three ceremonies.

Olivier Mellano & Etienne Klein On the 7th, we’ll meet again with the scientist Étienne Klein, for a new musical conference about quantum physics and the mysteries of spacetime, at the Maison de la Poésie in Paris. Would you have missed the first performance and neither be able to go through space nor time for this second, you might now go back 10 months ago.

La Fête des Rêves à AumetzOn the 24th, the Fête des rêves will take place in Aumetz. This sweet lunacy is being built for months and its menu includes: a rite, a banquet, a procession, fire, a choir, bells, a ballroom, the Rara Woulib company, L’Insomnante, Jean-René Lemoine, actors, artists, dancers, Chefs, anthropologists, swells of surprises and my music brought with mastery by Claire Vallier on vocals, Yoann Buffeteau on percussions, Vincent Ferrand on double bass and Lionel Laquerrière on keyboards. This dream is conducted by Alexandra Tobelaim, Fabienne Aulagnier and Sophie Langevin with the Nest theatre in Thionville for the cultural programme Esch2022.

Nos nécropoles - Hélène Frappat et Olivier Mellano - Basilique Saint-DenisOn the 29th, we’ll be at the Saint-Denis basilica to make the voices of the missing ones echo for the oratorio Nos Nécropoles. A project by Hélène Frappat who, during several months, met women from the Maison d’éducation of the Legion of Honor and the Maison de Quartier Romain Rolland of Saint-Denis, and transcribed the stories of their internal necropolis in which I harvested the music. Six narrators, the vocalist Émilie Nicot, Quentin Guérillot -titular organist of the basilica-and myself on guitar, amidst the king and queens’ tombs.

3 derniers albums d'Olivier MellanoAmong some other joyful news, Pollock & Pollock -the beautiful film of Isabelle Rèbre- will be shown on the 15th at the Festival du Film de Montreuil in the Méliès cinema.
After quite a loooong wait, the gorgeous vinyls of MELLANO SOYOC, ornamented with the gorgeous picture of Christy Lee Rogers, are available at your record shops and may be ordered here.
Finally, hoping to put on your beautiful faces a wide disapproving smile, we are happy to offer you this gift come back, Dr Cappuccino, the latest cheering music video of NO&RD directed by Axel Plantec. Better be watched after breakfast.

Have a good return. Strength, light and sweetness.

Olivier Mellano