Brief in brief #83

Arthur Kampf - Reading a newspaper (1908)

Brief in brief #83

Brief in brief


≡ October 2023 ≡


These month’s news are brief and mainly exprosive, with three dates about the book, among which two are easy to afford wherever you live.

Player Exprosion ImprosionAfter leaving you, last month, on the big ‘BANG!’ of the Squance at the end of Exprosion-Part II, the world is step by step being patched up (for how long?) for La plus belle journée, Part III online with the ever magnificent voices of Clara Ysé, Claire ingrid Cottanceau and Carlo Brandt.

Lecture-concert Improsion Exprosion à Rennes 18 octobreI’ll meet these last two in Rennes on the 18th, for a concert-lecture of Exprosion Improsion, at 12.30pm at the Auditorium of the Champs Libres. It’s going to be intense, it’s going to be free and it’s going to be accompanied by a signing session, for those of you who would like me to scribble on such a beautiful object. It is with great joy that I will come to have this text heard for the first time in Rennes. : entretien avec Olivier Mellano (photo Richard Dumas)Another joy with this stimulating interview that Laure Gauthier dedicates to me for the fascinating magazine, we talk about the book but also about poetry, music, philosophy, composing, improvisation, German romanticism, Tristan Garcia’s last essay and aether.

Bed en concert à Rennes As this October is sparing with concerts, I’ll suggest two good glassfuls of Bed in a three-set In the Wilderness a splendid new song by Benoît Burello and Lady Day and John Coltrane, a no-waved cover of Gil Scott-Heron, both filmed during our concert at the Ubu in Rennes a year ago, with Thierry Chompré on drums and, of course, maestro Burello himself.

Core d'Adrien M & Claire B en Corée If you are in Switzerland, in the South or in Seoul, you might see ‘Dernière Minute’ by Adrien M & Claire B in Yverdon-les-Bains and in Aix-en-Provence or ‘Core’ in Korea, up to the end of the year for the Festival Lux: Poetic Resolution in Seoul.

This is it for this month, waiting for November that will be rich with new creations.

See you around.


Olivier Mellano