Blocks of present #84

Jean Siméon Chardin - La bulle de savon (1733)

Blocks of present #84

Blocks of present


≡ November 2023 ≡


It’s already November, time is marching on and, against its run, we sometimes nestle in its silkier threads, we shape them into blocks of present.

It also happens that some threads, sharper, more twisted, catch up their targets into the tragedies that they weave. For Le Voyage dans l’Est by Christine Angot, the new play created by Stanislas Nordey, the aim will be to untangle and update a painful story and, for me, to face the challenge and find how music can deal with such a theme.

Christine Angot For this sixth collaboration with Stanislas Nordey, I’ll create, like a tightrope walker on Hades, a composition for repared piano, interpreted by Barbara Dang, to follow the guitars for Par les Villages and Affabulazione, electronic and synthetic voices for 9 Petites Filles, bass clarinet for Qui A Tué Mon Père ?, and percussion for Ce Qu’il Faut Dire that you can see at the CDN in Tours from 7 to 9.
The first performances of the Voyage dans l’Est will take place at the Théâtre National de Strasbourg from 28 November to 8 December.

Face à la mère par Alexandra TobelaimTheatre play again, an Antipodes’ tie between son & mother, the beautiful team in double trio of Alexandra Tobelaim will take over the poignant Face à la mère written by Jean-René Lemoine, and playing East again, still further North, at the NEST in Thionville from the 14th to the 16th.

Leur âme au diable de Martin Ledun - plongée dans la mafia du tabac sur France Culture Put out your cigarettes and fasten your seat belts for an exciting radio thriller I had the pleasure to score. Leur âme au diable by Martin Ledun is a fascinating dive right into the tobacco ganglands, crimes, ammoniac and stained white-collar, from the Serbian factories to the Parisian consultancy firms. A gripping series in ten episodes directed by Sophie Picon and that you might listen to on France Culture radio, from 27 November to 8 December, each night from Monday to Friday, 8.30pm to 9pm or in podcast.

Cores - Music for Adrien M & Claire B by Olivier Mellano Still, November isn’t but harsh: Dernière Minute by Adrien M & Claire B is still pulsing in Yverdon-les-Bains and in Aix-en-Provence and it will also berth at the Archipel in Perpignan.
Core is in Korea and Cores in correspondence.

Exprosion 4ème épisode - Olivier MellanoAnd now the fourth episode of Exprosion is revealed in Blocs de présent. After the yelling nursery rhyme of the blue-darkness sky, we are back into the big emptiness but,
guided by Clara, Claire and Carlo, we manage to find back the thread of present times made of a yellow watering can, a garden, a blackbird or the smell of coffee. You’ll meet there a manifesto against stories and because, even comprehensively, present time always ends up into past time, we’ll be blown away into History.

Bed (Benoît Burello, Olivier Mellano, Thierry Chompré) live à RennesHere, everywhere, tirelessly, we build blocks of present while organizing senses or sounds. Would it appear to you as a paradoxical finding that music, art of time, be able to stop time, then listen to Gloria, a present by Bed, captured just a year ago and you will see.


Olivier Mellano