Best will

Best will

This year, rather than best wishes which do not produce miracles so far, I’d like best will for all of us. The one that proceeds and aims at completion. It might be by enhancing the difference between what we wish and what we want that our visions will take root instead of being wasted in cosmos like falling stars.

On the 2017 menu: the light of the Nova and Rothko projects, new compositions for cinema and plays, nice works to come with Adrien M & Claire B, No Land live and recorded, the return of MellaNoisEscape and a flock of many other adventures.

But let’s start with January:

On the 17th, a live broadcast on France Musique for NO&RD that will be honoured to be propelled French satellite of the European radio project celebrating its 1.000.054th anniversary of art, according to Robert Filliou. Archive sounds, terrestrial drums and stratospheric guitar for a sonic love song for an endangered species, the public service. The European time zone will start at 7.00pm in Stockholm to end at 10.55pm in Ljubljana, passing by us in Paris at 9.50pm.

And then two horizontal meetings: Sunday rest and delicacy, for a musical nap on the 22nd in Rosporden with Bastien Lallemant, Maëva Le Berre and Barbara Carlotti. REM sleep and lightsome, on the 26th in Allonnes where the dream parade of Madame Lune continues to suffuse its canopied madness.

But be sure that daydreaming is not on the side of studio where two new compositions are simmering. A piece for 3 voices, based on John Taggart ‘Slow song for Mark Rothko’, that will be recorded by Les Voix Imaginaires to meet the Rothko project, as well as a new piece commissioned by the string orchestra from the music academy of Rennes.

On the workbench is also the ‘Vibrato’ music, the operotic next short film by Sébastien Laudenbach whose The Girl Without Hands (La Jeune Fille Sans Mains)  steps into its 4th week on screens and that I’ll have the pleasure to speak about after the musical and cinema masterclass on the 27th at the Grenier à Sel in Trappes.

Once again cinema: on the 11th another girl, equally wild, will burst into our screens in the refreshing Émilie Deleuze’s film, Miss Impossible (Jamais contente) with perfect Léna Magnien, Patricia Mazuy, Philippe Duquesne, Alex Lutz, some BRMC and with original music by your servant himself.

Here it is for my bee-business. Despite wishes and best will, we assume that the upcoming year will carry its lot of insanity and awe, yet if we keep on looking higher and further, and listening to what’s being whispered rather than what is cursed at, we should get through it.

Let us hold inside us the missing but above all, let us cherish the living. Let us be delighted by the half full glass rather than moaning about the half empty one, and imagine what it could be filled with. Cheers.

Olivier Mellano

Janvier 2017 Meilleures volontés