April (de)livery

April (de)livery

Le Havre - music Lecture on April 16l at the Fort de Tourneville« Right in the core of April, it is in the core of Le Havre that I lead with great pleasure 3 workshops for the Master’s degree students in Literature and Creative writing. It will end with a Music Lecture on April 16, at the Fort de Tourneville.

While around there, MellaNoisEscape towards North and East to spread the good word at Aulnoye-Eymeries and Colmar. A new MellaNoisEscape video shot with mastery by Samuel Petit, and with the first on-screen appearance for the death on its own heels by Nico Sacco whose name will remind the wisest something: it is he who mixed and recorded MellaNoisEscape and our collaboration is not bound to stop.

Echox by Olivier Mellano and Noël AkchotéA potential remedy against the Asian hornet could be the latest album fixed at distance by Noël Akchoté and myself. It is called ‘Echox’ and can be listened to and bought at http://noelakchote.bandcamp.com/album/mellano-akchot-echox-guitar-duets-series.

John Greaves 'Les Airs de Verlaine' from a libretto by Emmanuel TugnySweet as honey on April 25, if the Maison de la Radio finds a way to pick up, we will team up at the Studio 105 with John Greaves, as well as Élise Caron, Thomas de Pourquery, Jeanne Added, Eve Risser, Régis Boulard and Guillaume Roy. We will play live ‘Les Airs de Verlaine’ , from a libretto by Emmanuel Tugny.

The Pasolinordeyian ‘Affabulazione’ follows its frenzied route and comes back on stage for 3 performances at La Comédie in Saint-Etienne, before settling for a month at La Colline in Paris.

How we tried a new combination of notes ... live in the Trans musicales - RennesA piece of news: the ‘How we tried…’ trilogy performed live at the Opera in Rennes during the 2012 Transmusicales can now be viewed in full at https://www.oliviermellano.com/how-we-tried .

Here it is for my bee-business. And will you need to keep some winter air at hand, in the shadow of the first blooming trees, read Karin Serres’ splendid ‘Monde sans oiseaux’.

Dälek on tourOh yes, to end with, Dälek is back in France: do not miss them if they tour near your place. There should even be a surprise in store for you on the 24th of April in Paris.»

Olivier Mellano