Ad infinitum

Ad infinitum

Ad infinitum

≡ May 2018 ≡

Very few concerts this month but material which quietly takes shape, sculpted in the air as next season’s albums.

2018-05 mijotageThe upcoming MellaNoiseScape is now recorded and is being mixed by Nicolas Dick in Marseille. Very much eager to have these 10 new tracks resonating.
With the new called BAUM band, we are still immersed in the beauty of Gabriel Fauré’s Melodies and we are preparing the recording of ‘Ici-bas’ whose first bouquets you may taste here.

2018-05 ChaosFrom musical balm to literary fever, I’ll meet again the writer Mathieu Brosseau for an ad-lib journey of his wonderful ‘Chaos‘ on the 24th at the Maison de la Poésie in Rennes (Brittany).

2018-05 Lunatic BirdWith the strange kind of lunar birds Diane Bonnot, Judith Chemla, Simon Dalmais, Anne Gouverneur, John Greaves, Kyrie Kristmanson, Maëva Le Berre, Nicolas Martel, Géraldine Martineau, JP Nataf, Nicolas Repac and Rosemary Standley, we will perform the final dates of the strange thing known as ‘On a dit…’, on 29 & 30 May at Scène Nationale du Sud-Aquitain in Anglet and 1 June in Paris at the 104.

If you are close to Ifs on the 24th, or to Vern-sur-Seiche on the 25th, I warmly advise you to catch the ‘Ersatz‘ comet of Julien Mellano.

2018-05 Mirages & MiraclesAs for the Mirages & miracles by Adrien M and Claire B, they will continue to vibrate within my musical baths up to the 23rd at the Creative Mine in Wallers-Arenberg, before settling for their June headquarters at Stereolux in Nantes. Preview on 31 May.

Symbole infiniThis is the programme. To keep circling around the same shape, infinite, patiently repeated, each time different, never from the same colour, never at the same place, to keep clarifying and expanding the infinite base. Ad infinitum.

Olivier Mellano