There is a bigger part in our trade of public entertainers than the one you see, much like what is to be heard is but the foam of working days. This February will be one of my 2016 underwater work. Buried among others in the creation of ‘No Land’ (see later on) and the disintegration of ‘Tan’ (see below). No live show this month then, but much grist for the mill.

To start with, France Culture offers me a creative radiophonic workshop -Atelier de Création Radiophonique (ACR)- that will dive into the dreamy worlds of La Funghimiracolette to turn its sound lunacy into waves. These sound ACReage will be broadcast on the 4th at 11pm and available as podcast for one thousand and one nights. Besides, the reprint of the book is still available, edited by MF, and may be ordered in full boxes through your favourite bookstore.

Radio again, far away from the ether that time, with the documentary Qualité Humaine, an inquiry as sharp as a blade about the chilly matter of standardization and to which I added gripping sand grains, a few discords to the ISO and a disoriented tuning fork. And would you wish to X-ray my radio file, my radio library is open at any time.


Another gift, from most trendy Jo from Ez3kiel, known as Zero Gravity, who dressed up the MellaNoisEscape ‘So Wide’ with a wonderful weightless remix. And since you are taking-off, get up high with the original version launched through the air by the crazy flying man Hervé Lejoux a.k.a. HD Drone.

Being lucky enough to be acquainted with Richard Dumas, we wonder whether every soul he photographed from Monteiro to Harry Crews via Chabrol, Lynch, Bashung or Gena Rowlands has not softly brewed his own soul, inside the privacy of the darkroom. After our first collaboration for the 2007 Joe Strummer Revelation Project, we continue to work together on another form of disappearing, the one of the Parliament of Brittany’s works of art due to the 1994 fire. On the occasion of the photo exhibition that I will flood with sonic fire as from 1 March, the Éditions de Juillet publish a portfolio of the photos, enhanced with LP, each of them in 12 inches either round or square. The item may be preordered, will you fancy it.

Well then, I’m diving back. See you in a month.

Olivier Mellano

2016-02 Lettre d'info d'Olivier Mellano