≡ January 2018 ≡

Time to resetAnd wham! The 01/01, inevitable scorer of re-views, slippery marker which turns a dead beat end into a boosted bravado, confetti-party which presses our reset by teasing us with what we did not have time to do, has just arrived.

Then, come this way, 2018 will follow… Following the existing adventures and starting off new projects, all fresh, ephemeral or for the long run, as well as a Superfolia, new compositions for theatre and cinema, writing (would Chronos be merciful), MellaNoiseScape, Fauré and, I hope, many things I still do not know.

Gabriel FauréLe secret, Après un rêve, Au bord de l’eau… The year is beginning as it will end, enshrouded with the beauty of Melodies by Gabriel Fauré. Standing at the helm, your servant, Anne Gouverneur on violin, Maëva Le Berre on cello and Simon Dalmais at the piano, we are currently at the recording sessions with guests Rosemary Standley, Philippe Katerine, Elise Caron, Hugh Coltman, Himiko Paganotti, JP Nataf, Kyrie Kristmanson, John Greaves and Sandra N Kaké to dust off the vocal interpretations of the wonders of the lord of the charms. A second unit of vocals, just as much divine, will complete the picture in June and the album should be ready for the next Christmas offering.

Meanwhile, the Mirages & miracles installations from Adrien M and Claire B will miracle at the Lux in Valence from 7 January to 25 February.

Expo Perceptions et Illusions - How we tried...‘How we tried’ and ‘Tan’ will keep on rocking the Perceptions & illusions at the Commanderie des Templiers in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

And Fulmine will fulminate in Craon on the 12th, in Auray on the 17th and in Allonnes on the 26th.

Nova Oratorio à Sierre (CH)On the 26th and 27th, I’ll meet Claire ingrid Cottanceau and a new choir of elders again –from the canton of Valais this time- to echo the words of Peter Handke and our Nova-Oratorio deep at the heart of the Switzerland mountains of Sierre.

Act only with enthusiasm. Fail with ease. Overhear no tree and no water. Enter where it pleases your heart and treat yourself to the sun.’ Every sentence from Nova’s monologue could be a beautiful resolution, to aim for a Vita Nova at the opposite extreme of the emptiness and mildness that would try to entangle us a little more every day.

MelancholiaAs for me, this year just like the others, I shall continue to apply myself, in a gentle and warrior manner, to modestly make the air shiver. With the presumption to try to enlighten, here and there, some parts of the world, would it be for a few seconds only. With the sharp awareness that nothing is more evanescent and that nothing matters more.

Happy New Year to you all.

Olivier Mellano