Chasing the horizon

≡ January 2019 ≡

2019, thus! Here we are in the future, even though it does not put a halt to its race ahead of us, with fear that we catch it up.


Acqua AltaWhile water is rising, a few of us still dream this future up and a way to embrace it and consider it with lucidity and gaze at it with poetry.
It’s what Acqua Alta, is engaged in: the latest creation by the magicians Adrien M and Claire B is a show for two
dancers and some zillion of juggled scintillas of light. This ballet of photonics, whose music I had the pleasure to
compose, will be extended by a pop-up book in augmented reality and by a piece of virtual reality. You’ll be offered to discover the wonder from the 10th to the 12th at LUX – Scène nationale de Valence and from the 20th to the 22nd at Théâtre Anne de Bretagne in Vannes.


The Mirages et miracles exhibition will open simultaneously in Aix-en-Provence from January 17 to February 23 during the BIAC and in Angers at the Collégiale Saint-Martin from January 26 to February 24.


Gabriel FauréOne century ago, Gabriel Fauré was chasing the horizon with melodious arrows that still make the air and our souls vibrate. With Baum we will play at Théâtre Garance in Cavaillon to strech Fauré’s movement and have the beauty of his compositions ricochetting on the winged voices of Elise Caron, Hugh Coltman, John Greaves, Sandra Nkaké, Himiko Paganotti and Rosemary Standley.


chemin doréThis year, we will follow up the blended paths of Fauré and of MellaNoisEscape. They’ll be tucked in by scores for theatre and cinema, by the return of Nova-Oratorio, by a brand-new live-score, by songs of Moondog, by Korean extraterrestrials and by anything we do not know yet.


I wish you pleasant paths and a brave New Year, woven by gold of which dreams are made of.


Olivier Mellano

Upcoming events

  • Until April 2019: ‘L’ombre de la vapeur‘ by Adrien M & Claire B – music O. Mellano / song and voices : Kyrie Kristmanson | Cognac (16) Fondation Martell
  • 10-12 January 2019: Acqua Alta‘ by Adrien M & Claire B – music O. Mellano | Valence (26) LUX – Scène nationale
  • 17 January-23 February 2019: Mirages & Miracles by Adrien M & Claire B – music O. Mellano | Aix-en-Provence (13) BIAC
  • 18 January 2019: BAUM Ici-bas, les Mélodies de Gabriel Fauré | Cavaillon (84) La Garance
  • 20-22 January 2019: ‘Acqua Alta by Adrien M & Claire B – music O. Mellano | Vannes (56) Théâtre Anne de Bretagne
  • 26 January-24 February 2019: ‘Mirages & Miracles by Adrien M & Claire B – music O. Mellano | Angers (49) Collégiale St Martin
  • 6 February 2019: BAUM Ici-bas, les Mélodies de Gabriel Fauré | Paris (75) Le CentQuatre

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