MellaNoisEscape was launched in 2014

Olivier Mellano puts aside his rather gargantuan projects to return alone, in the studio and on stage, to raw energy, electric cataracts and sonic cascades.

A tentacular sonic entity, an embrace with a thousand electric arms, a turbulent, abrasive vortex of pop noise, a stroboscopic highway, a declaration of war on the MP3, a primal musical kaleidoscope

Having put his guitars to the service of Mobiil, Psykick Lyrikah, Bed, Laetitia Shériff and Dominique A, Olivier Mellano presents his solo album MellaNoisEscape. Somewhere between Shellac, Battles, Pinback and Blonde Redhead.

The moment when sound is its own medium. A monumental arch of guitars, through which we hear the flow of baroque melody and tribal harmonies.

It’s only raison d’être is to dynamite the now…


It is always disconcerting to witness the arrival of a great record. One you would put in your own top 5, one you which is still with you twenty years down the line and you’re still listening to it. This is the kind of emotional pull you’ll get when you put on MellaNoisEscape. Personally speaking, I immediately put it up there with Robert Wyatt, Blonde Redhead, Sonic Youth et PJ Harvey. […]

Extract from Laure Limongi writer and publisher


If a form were to emerge out of the music of Olivier Mellano, it would no doubt be a many-headed, indefinable beast. An animal with florescent horns perhaps, locked against the wind, it’s enemy, its friend. Beating its silver hooves through an endless plain of notes in flight that no-one would dare to capture. They are simply part of the same, grand combat. […]

Extract from Arm, Psykick Lyrikah

2017 the return

Upcoming dates
  • 03 October 2017 – Vendôme (41)
  • 05 October 2017 – Nevers (58) Café Charbon
  • 06 October 2017 – Nancy (54)
  • 07 October 2017 – Gérardmer (88) MCL
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Video 3 days / 15 shows - Transmusicales 2014

MellaNoisEscape first album

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Powerful, tumultuous, a roller coaster of sonic highs and vertiginous free fall.”Astonishing richness of texture matched by melodic precision.’Les Inrockuptibles
‘Explosive, incisive or just plain dark, these songs are a veritable Stendhalien crystallization.


A music which takes us to heights and reminds us that that’s exactly where we’re supposed to be… A real experience.

À découvrir absolument

A race through space, life in your face…

Longueur d’ondes

Surely the pop-rock album of the year.

L’Humanité Dimanche

A pure marvel. Sullen but aglow.

Abus dangereux

As far away from cliché as you can get.


Not a moment wasted, not a breath in vain, we come out of this musical experience a bit stronger, fire in the belly, wanting to change, to open up even more. Catch him on stage.

Froggy’s delight