La Superfolia Armaada

La Superfolia Armaada del Craziest Mellanox Companeros

La Superfolia Armaada is an unbelievable mix of different universes. On just one stage and just like a banquet, several artists share their repertoire: John Greaves, key figure of the Canterbury scene, lead artist of Henry Cow and fellow of Robert Wyatt or Fred Frith; Simon Huw Jones, singer of the legendary And Also The Trees, key English band from the 80s; the return of the finest Master of pop music Benoît Burello aka Bed; the saviour of French rap music Arm (Psykick Lyrikah)the brilliant composer and muti-instrumentalist Dick van der Harst; all of them carried along by the two poles of the irradiating drums by the ebullient Régïs Boulard (Trunks, Chien Vert) and by the unfailing Gaël Desbois (Mobiil, Del Cielo)and the whole of that punctuated by the fascinating films from the Le Dispositif by the princes of chaos Pacôme Thiellement & Thomas Bertay.

Superfolia Armaada 1

28 February 2003  Morlaix (29) Festival Panorama

  • With: Abstract Keal Agram, Robert Le Magnifique, Arm, Régïs Boulard, Bed, Dominique A, Marc Anthony

Superfolia Armaada 2

6 June 2008 Arras (62) Theatre

  • With: John Greaves, Dominique A, Ezra, Daniel Paboeuf, François Jeanneau, Laetitia Shériff, Thomas Poli, Bed, Régïs Boulard, Jean François Vrod, Jessica Constable, Mobiil, XmasX, DPU…

Superfolia Armaada 3

20 January 2012 Allonnes (72) Salle Jean-Carmet

  • With: Arm, John Greaves, Simon Huw Jones, Dick Van Der Harst, Pacôme Thiellement & Thomas Bertay, Bed, Régïs Boulard, Gaël Desbois

Superfolia Armaada 4

23 April 2013  Villetaneuse (94) Festival Métis

  • With: Régïs Boulard, Benoît Burello, Nocolas Courret, John Greaves, Anthony Laguerre, Philippe Orivel, Émilie Weber, Élise Caron

Superfolia Armaada 5

17 April 2018  Bruz (35) Festival Mythos

  • With: Brendan Perry, John Greaves, Robin Guthrie, Kyrie Kristmanson, Miët, NO&RD, Nicolas Dick, Régïs Boulard, Suzy Le Void, Tomaga, Tom Relleen, Valentina Magaletti

Superfolia Armaada 6

5 July 2019  Belfort (90) Eurockéennes

  • With: Jambinai & la Superfolia Armaada (Yann Gourdon, Erwan Keravec, Kazu Makino [Blonde Redhead], Olivier Mellano)

Last event

5 July: Jambinai & la Superfolia Armaada | Belfort (90) Les Eurockéennes

Videos live

La Superfolia Armaada del Craziest Mellanox Companeros par Paul Barnes
La Superfolia Armaada III (photo Dan Ramaën)
La Superfolia Armaada II à Arras en 2008 (photo Dan Ramaën)