La chair des anges

La chair des anges

Olivier Mellano - La chair des anges (Naive)La Chair des anges is an instrumental and musical work, composed of 7 musical pieces interpreted by prestigious artists such as the Debussy String Quartet, soprano singer Valérie Gabail, harpsichordist Bertrand Cuillerorganist Olivier Vernet and of course Olivier Mellano himself.

Musician of renown among the pop-rock scene, Olivier Mellano has a classical background and started his career as a violin player. His professional path is rich as well as eclectic and he experienced numerous artistic collaborations that led him to compose La Chair des anges, halfway between baroque and contemporary music (harpsichord pieces), but also in the tradition of American post-modern composers (Steve Reich, Philip Glass) or Estonian ones (Arvo Pärt).

la chair des anges: credits

perpetuus animarum motus I

  • Émilie Nicot | contralto

riVIÈre, quatuor à cordes n° 1

Quatuor Debussy

  • Christophe Colette | violin
  • Anne Menier | violin
  • Vincent Deprecq | viola
  • Yannick Callier | cello

la chair des anges

  • Bertrand Cuiller & Frédéric Rivoal | harpsichord
  • Olivier Vernet  | organ*
  • Maude Gratton | transcription 4 hands

as the fire’s tongues of earthly pleasures licks the holy’s wings

  • Valérie Gabail | voice
  • Olivier Mellano | guitars

chant d’électrons


  • Bertrand Cuiller | harpsichord

perpetuus animarum motus II

Les Voix imaginaires

  • Caroline Bardot | soprano
  • Émilie Nicot | contralto
  • Christophe Gires | tenor
  • Xavier Delaroire  | tenor

*organ of St Gatien cathedral, Tours

Video making off: La chair des anges at the Saint-Denis Basilique

Olivier Mellano - Festival Métis 2013

La chair des anges filmed at the Tambour in Rennes

Concert organised in May 2009 by the Université Rennes 2

La Chair des Anges au Festival de Saint-Denis 2014 (photo Festival de St Denis)
La Chair des Anges à l'église Saint Eustache de Paris (photo Laurent Guizard)