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=======Summer 2017=======

Pagan skies

The end of the season is starting off and scattering six last sweeties while the seeding of the next harvest is being prepared.

Vibrato de Sébastien Laudenbach As from now, you may savour the newest wonder from Sébastien Laudenbach, « Vibrato » a short-film I created music for, with vocals from Elise Caron as the ecstatic singer of this fantasic Fantasia. Put on good headphones, play it loud, lower the light, click on the 3ème Scène website and let yourself be swallowed by the curves, the gold and the waters from Opera Garnier.

Au Coeur de Thierry Thieû NiangThe formula to turn fall into flight will be disclosed by choregrapher Thierry Thieû Niang and the children from « Au Coeur«  that I will accompany again with real pleasure on the 11th at 3.30pm at the Théâtre Gérard Philippe in Saint-Denis.

triangle My piece for string section « En regardant le ciel », escorted by works from the classical repertoire, will be interpreted once again by the Orchestre Symphonique des Jeunes de la Métropole on the 24th at 3pm at the Triangle in Rennes.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds On the 21st, Jean-Michel Espitalier invited me to blow out the 50 candles of Sgt. Pepper during the show Atelier de Création Radiophonique for which I forked out a lysergic cover from Lucy in the Sky. It will happen, as so often, on France Culture at 11pm and then on podcast for naps under tangerine trees and marmalade skies.

Poste de radio For other summer siestas, the Oratorio Nova with Claire ingrid Cottanceau and John Greaves is also available for download on podcast, as much as the Rothko, the Funghimiracolette and tutti quanti.

La Funghimiracolette The Funghimiracolette that you could hear echoing, at twilight, among the frame of a meadow clearing in the Brocéliande forest during a Music Lecture with Laure Limongi honouring me by lending her voice, for the contemporary poetry festival « Et Dire et Ouïssance«  on the 30th.

Philaste And then, will you stroll around Place Gambetta in Paris, you could go visit my galery of monsters delighted to find again the hospitality of Chez Betty’s walls.

demi-pause Here it is for my bee-business. This newsletter will have a rest up to September, the time to finalize the mixing of the No Land album and initialize the second chapter MellaNoiseScape. I’ll tell you about all this at the return from summer, as well as many other festivity. By then, I wish you a nice summertime.

Olivier Mellano




=======May 2017=======

It’s never too late to undo till May is out.

Don Quichotte Following the fateful electoral first round and without any need to increase the bitter hullabaloo, we will do what we assume to be fair and will carry on with our don quixotian programme, the same old one: daring the impossible, making beauty bloom, lighting up the horizon.

Workshop littéraire au Havre It will start in aether with the students of the Master degree in Literature and Creative writing at Le Havre, for three days drilling in the heart of emptiness, of literary abstraction and of absence of matter. A public restitution will be performed on the 5th at 8pm at the Fort de Tourneville and will be broadcast live on piednu.fr. Here is a souvenir of the 2015 workshop.

Conservatoire de Rennes Musical youth. Commissioned by the Rennes Conservatoire, the Youth Symphony Orchestra, and its 150 musicians from Rennes and the whereabouts will interpret the new piece I tailor-made for them: ‘En regardant le ciel’, along with Strauss, Bizet, Tchaikovsky and Liszt. The programme will happen on the 24th in Cesson-Sévigné, on the 19th in Chartres-de-Bretagne and on the 6th in Bruz.

NO LAND à Nantes le 13 mai 2017 This concert on the 6th will be like a balm to the postponement of the No Land London show that was scheduled on that very day. But we will meet again with Brendan Perry & Bagad Cesson on the 13th in Nantes and our ode anti lower-front will be heard loud and clear at the Lieu Unique. It will be the last No Land date for this season, feel free to book.

 Nova avec Claire ingrid Cottanceau et Olivier MellanoAnother ode to light, another song to resistance. Put on your best headphones, close your eyes and let yourself be lifted up by Claire ingrid Cottanceau’s voice, Handke’s words and by music. On the 23rd at 11pm during the France Culture’s Atelier Fiction you are invited to discover a radio variation of our Oratorio NOVA with the participation of the outstanding John Greaves. And all of that will be available by endless podcasts.

Soirée sonore avec Arte RadioIf you’re in Paris on the 19th at 7pm, sound will fill the heart of the Centre Pompidou and you’ll be able to listen to ‘Le journal d’un marcheur’, among others, a post-apocalyptic guided tour by Camille Azaïs and Christophe Hocké and set to music by your servant. It will be part of the Soirée Sonore with Arte Radio. And will your body be elsewhere, you’ll have the opportunity to catch up the event with the Centre Pompidou app on the Museum Fiction theme.

On a dit on fait un spectacle en mini tournée We’ll be floating, light, in Madame Lune’s dreams for the ‘On a dit on fait un spectacle’ mini-tour, with the crazy cream Kyrie Kristmanson, Sandra N’Kaké, Géraldine Martineau, Maëva Le Berre, Anne Gouverneur, Hugh Coltman, JP Nataf, Nicolas Martel, Nicolas Repac and Simon Dalmais. We’ll start from la Source à Fontaine on the 17th, we’ll migrate upstream towards La Scène Nationale Arras on the 19th, we’ll slide to the Louvre Lens that we’ll flood with impromptus dialoguing with the works of art on the 20th to dip into the Maine at the Quai in Angers on the 30th.

Shape shows his Mother Shade - dessin O. Mellano Here it is for my bee-business. With the hope that you’ll enjoy some sweet things until we’ll see how much your national future is less than desirable. It is up to us now to choose which two threats we’ll then fight. We still have the choice of the adversary.

Olivier Mellano










Live on the 13th May in Nantes

=======April 2017=======

Miracles or mirages

NO&RDOn the 4th, with my friend Régïs Boulard we’ll speed down to Nantes for one of the few NO&RD gigs, the ones whose simple idea has our fingers itching with euphoric effects. It will happen at La Scène Michelet and we’ll have the privilege to launch the programme of the brand-new concert-promoter organisation « 73notes » with the amazing Miët I will soon talk about for another story.

Le filsWhen people wish to go backwards. Powerful words, a most-inspired actress, some harpsichord notes. A mother tells us about her progressive slip into a regressive ideology. Following its dates in Paris, the play « Le Fils » by l’Unijambiste company will be performed in Rennes at L’Aire Libre during the Festival Mythos on the 6th and 7th.

Mirages et miracles de Adrien M & Claire BWhen people really move forward. To foresee what should soon transform our world when seizing the virtual and augmented reality to inspire beauty, here is what is driving Adrien M & Claire B. The first step of the collaboration that I have the pleasure to initiate with these two magicians of future takes shape through the Mirages & miracles art installation that is exhibited in Rouen for the Spring Festival up to 16 April.

Nova, photo Jean-Louis FernandezOn the 20th and 21st, heading South, to Aix-en Provence at the Théâtre du Bois de l’Aune where we’ll be with Claire ingrid Cottanceau, Thierry Thieû Niang and a new group of senior citizens to recapture the miracle conditions of NOVA – Oratorio.

In April, we’ll be diving with Nicolas Dick into the mixing of the inextricable forest of bombards and bagpipes that shelter our political fiction programme No Land. In April, you can always listen to our Création on Air and a new composition about the Rothko miracle.

Carnaval et mauvaise farceIn April, far from the concrete spaces, we’ll have to put up with the political freaks show. However, although we doubt it will really meet our ideals, we’ll try to target straight, at the very heart, hoping for the miracle of a reversing or a gathering that will spare us from the gradient of hatred, obscenity, ambushed cynicism.

And, rather than resigning, keeping on considering the miracle, albeit a mirage.

Olivier Mellano


=======March 2017=======

Dream teams and public service

Nova OratorioTheir name are Christine, Georgina, Danielle, Danièle, Monique, Suzanne, Eugénie, Jean-Louis, Anne-Marie, Colette, Christian, Jeanne, Noëlle, Jean-Max, Fabienne, Annette, Anne, Hypo, Eve, Marie-France and Jean-Claude, they scoff at their 70 years and embody the magnificent choir of the Oratorio – Nova I was speaking about at the end of the previous episode. With this dream team, Claire ingrid Cottanceau, Thierry Thieû Niang and myself are in the starting blocks, ready to fire the Handke poem on the 2nd and 3rd of March, in the Théâtre du Garde-Chasse at Les Lilas. Something tells me that we could soar high there. Book.

RothkoSame evening, different piece. As there is no coincidence, it is also on the 2nd that another co-creation with Claire ingrid Cottanceau will be achieved. The first facet of the Rothko work we have been working on for a year will be broadcast on France Culture at 11pm, as part of a Création on Air, with the participation of Susza Hantaï, Georges Didi-Huberman, Fabrice Midal, Jean-Luc Nancy and Arthur-Laurent Nauzyciel that honour us by discussing the mystery operating at Rothko’s. Get a rub of the beyond words with the new vocal piece ‘Black, Red over Black, on Red’ interpreted by Les Voix Imaginaires and with texts by John Taggart that will be diffracted as islets of non-utterable and available in their entirety on the show webpage.

Maison de la RadioDifferent date, same duo, same place as we will definitely be squatting the round house that week. On the 10th, an audio version of the Oratorio-Nova will be performed live with audience at the Maison de la Radio and on the 17th April on France Culture.

Through the magic of radio waves, I will simultaneously be with Rodolphe Burger on France Inter for the « Foule sentimentale » show.

Different set. After having the painting heard on radio, some will blindly slip to the cinema, on the 12th, the beautiful short-film by Frédérick Laurent, « L’aveugle et la Cardinale« , which music I composed, will be broadcast on France 2 during the « Histoires Courtes » program.

La Carène fête ses 10 ansOut of the set and back to the West on the 16th to celebrate the 10-years of Carène Sweet where we will make up a we-do-not-know-what-but-we-know-why with nice chaps Arnaud Le Gouëfflec and Ezra. Dream team.

On the 21st in Reims, gathering the sparkling dream team of Madame Lune for « On a dit…  » steeped with Hugh Coltman, Kyrie Kristmanson, JP Nataf, Simon Dalmais, Maëva Le Berre, Anne Gouverneur and Nicolas Repac.

Au Coeur de Thierry Thieû Niang à Paris Le 25 marsAfter the elders choir, the floor opens for the young ones of  « Au cœur« , a performance by the angel Thierry Thieû Niang that I will have the privilege to join at the Museum of History of Immigration on the 25th at 3pm during a ballet of zero-gravity falls.

Rodolphe Burger photo J. MignotThis dreamteamesque month will end in Rennes, by meeting Rodolphe Burger again as he invited me on the 31st to share the stage with Eric Truffaz and Bertrand Belin at the festival Mythos for his wonderful album ‘Good’.

A daydream it is to work with dream partners. A fragile joyfulness to carry on having our work echo in what is left of this great idea that is public service. Let’s us just be aware of its fragility.

Olivier Mellano



=======February 2017======

Champagne, Marquises, César and Garde-Chasse

NO LAND - Brendan Perry - photo Jérôme SevretteWould you never have had a reason to visit the Champagne region, here comes a valuable opportunity. Besides truffle or l’Idéal cake, you could savour the pièce montée layered by NO LAND with Brendan Perry and Bagad Cesson, on the 4th at the Nouveau Relax in Langres. As a starter for Land on, I will have the company of Marc Anthony, outstanding pioneer for off-piste hurdy-gurdy.

The recording of NO LAND is ongoing but you can already plunge into its pamphlet and go proclaim its slogans on public squares.

Les Marquises - A Night Full Of CollapsesMusic again. Two years ago, I was recording guitars for the Marquises 3rd album that would be called ‘A Night Full Of Collapses’ and now, patiently rife with beautiful notes set with beautiful musicians, it will be released on the 3rd on Ici D’ailleurs label.

Elise CaronChampagne again. Even if ‘The Girl without Hands‘ is more the type to run away the gilding of palace, she will have to bow to some society life as she is nominated for the César Best Animated Feature. Verdict on the 24th. While she will be emptying her cups, we will be recording the upcoming short-film of Sébastien with fantastical Élise Caron. Élise whom you can also hear again in digged up treasure from Superfolia Armaada.

Link again. A 20 minutes-new title by NO&RD, recorded by France Musique for the Euroradio Ars Acustica Art’s Birthday and dumbly named ‘Neurovision’ is podcastable here.

Jamais Contente - Emilie DeleuzeSoundtrack again. After the release of the Girl named above, the soundtrack for ‘Miss Impossible’ will be out this month by Plaza Mayor Music label, on digital or CD version.

Le Fils - D. Gauchard There was the guitar for Richard the 3rd, the piano for Ekaterina Ivanovna, and now the harpsichord for Le Fils, interpreted by Bertrand Cuiller, will support the new play by David Gauchard l’Unijambiste. A powerful text by Marine Bachelot Nguyen, embodied by Emmanuelle Hiron whom delves into the incommensurable mystery of la manif pour tous march. That will happen on the Théâtre de l’Union in Limoges from the 14th to the 17th, before going on tour.

Nova - Oratorio Theatre again. This month will be dedicated to the Oratorio – Nova from Peter Handke, created in a duo with Claire ingrid Cottanceau for the MC93. A dream team indeed as we will be accompanied on stage with 20 wonderful septuagenarian and we will have the privilege to be supported by choreographer Thierry Thieû Niang. Piloting the whole, the brightest of technique made of art with Fabrice Le Fur on lights and again and again Nicolas Dick on sound.

That will be on March 2 and 3 at the Théâtre du Garde-Chasse in Lilas, then on tour. Would you wish to radiate with this splendid text, don’t wait too long before getting your tickets.

2 bougies This monthly simple newsletter is celebrating its 2nd anniversary and I take this opportunity to thank you all very much for your caring and heartwarming messages. Till next month, for another saga.

Olivier Mellano

=======January 2017======

2017 meilleures volontés

Best will.

This year, rather than best wishes which do not produce miracles so far, I’d like best will for all of us. The one that proceeds and aims at completion. It might be by enhancing the difference between what we wish and what we want that our visions will take root instead of being wasted in cosmos like falling stars.




On the 2017 menu: the light of the Nova and Rothko projects, new compositions for cinema and plays, nice works to come with Adrien M & Claire B, No Land live and recorded, the return of MellaNoisEscape and a flock of many other adventures.

But let’s start with January:

Art's birthday On the 17th, a live broadcast on France Musique for NO&RD that will be honoured to be propelled French satellite of the European radio project celebrating its 1.000.054th anniversary of art, according to Robert Filliou. Archive sounds, terrestrial drums and stratospheric guitar for a sonic love song for an endangered species, the public service. The European time zone will start at 7.00pm in Stockholm to end at 10.55pm in Ljubljana, passing by us in Paris at 9.50pm.

Sieste acoustique

And then two horizontal meetings: Sunday rest and delicacy, for a musical nap on the 22nd in Rosporden with Bastien Lallemant, Maëva Le Berre and Barbara Carlotti. REM sleep and lightsome, on the 26th in Allonnes where the dream parade of Madame Lune continues to suffuse its canopied madness.

partitionBut be sure that daydreaming is not on the side of studio where two new compositions are simmering. A piece for 3 voices, based on John Taggart ‘Slow song for Mark Rothko’, that will be recorded by Les Voix Imaginaires to meet the Rothko project, as well as a new piece commissioned by the string orchestra from the music academy of Rennes.

OpéraOn the workbench is also the ‘Vibrato’ music, the operotic next short film by Sébastien Laudenbach whose The Girl Without Hands (La Jeune Fille Sans Mains)  steps into its 4th week on screens and that I’ll have the pleasure to speak about after the musical and cinema masterclass on the 27th at the Grenier à Sel in Trappes.

Jamais Contente d'Emilie Deleuze - musique O. MellanoOnce again cinema: on the 11th another girl, equally wild, will burst into our screens in the refreshing Émilie Deleuze’s film, Miss Impossible (Jamais contente) with perfect Léna Magnien, Patricia Mazuy, Philippe Duquesne, Alex Lutz, some BRMC and with original music by your servant himself.

Here it is for my bee-business. Despite wishes and best will, we assume that the upcoming year will carry its lot of insanity and awe, yet if we keep on looking higher and further, and listening to what’s being whispered rather than what is cursed at, we should get through it.

Let us hold inside us the missing but above all, let us cherish the living. Let us be delighted by the half full glass rather than moaning about the half empty one, and imagine what it could be filled with. Cheers.

Olivier Mellano

=======December 2016=======

Sometimes notes stop time

Barely enough time to get one’s breath back when December is lining up, fortunately full of times that should allow us to momentarily get out of the mad race of time.

ApocalypseOn the 1st, I’ll join again the timeless Jean-Pascal Dubost for « Écrire l’Apocalypse » and pull the thread of centuries that separates us from the inspiring medieval Tapestry of the Apocalypse. It will happen at the Médiathèque Toussaint (in Angers) at 6.30pm.

John Greaves

Electricity and free-songs guaranteed on the 7th at the Elysée Montmartre in Paris where we will take another look at the wonderful John Greaves’ wonders for a NO&RD&ES power trio and opening Jeanne Added who invites us to close her tour that night. More intimacy, on the 13th with John again and still in Paris, we will meet Valérie Gabail to broaden the outlines of our Manifesto  project under the wings of sweet devils Laurent Valéro and Scott Taylor for « Rêvons c’est l’heure« , the monthly rendez-vous that they have settled at the Rendez-Vous d’Ailleurs .

On a dit... on fait un spectacle Another dream, with the caravan of oddity « On a dit… » that, while scattering its shimmering gloss to the roof-tops of France, will stop at the Théâtre de Vénissieux on the 9th.

Monster CarnivalFrom Vénissieux to vernissage, there is ventilation, the verb, verity, Verlaine, vermilion and one night’s rest as on the 10th we will celebrate the monsters from the Rational Gallery being set up at the famous Studio Caverne usually haunted by more noisy swanky ones.

La jeune fille sans mainsCarrying armloads of awards, gathered from Seoul to Brasilia through Bucharest, « The Girl without Hands » by Sébastien Laudenbach will light up the French screens from the 14th.

Two blisses are better than one, the film music will be released on the whole blue planet at Playa Mayor Music on the 9th. And it is for sure the voice of wild girl Laetitia Shériff that you will hear on the end credits.  On the 17th at 2.00pm, I will be at the EESAB in Rennes for the La Fête du Court-Métrage to speak about my work for the films cooked up by Sir Laudenbach.

Pack Mellanoël Lastly, although it is not really because of me if “outsiiiiide you will be so coooold”, we will conclude red-booted as a fabulous discount of some 33.33 times the cost divided by 100 is on the house for the Packs MellaNoisEscape/Rational Gallery vinyl’s/cds/T-shirts/silkscreens/postcards. As a matter of principle I still try to stay out crowdfunding for producing my work but if existing things might allow coming ones to blossom, then it will be Xmas.

Have a lovely end of year.

Olivier Mellano




The Girl without Hands (teaser)

=======November 2016=======

November, No land, No&rd, Nova…

On a dit... on fait un spectacle le 3 novembre à ValenceNooooow, on we go, marching in misty dreams for a new turn with the band « On a dit … » on the 3rd at the Train-Théâtre in Valence, along with the very chic chicas y chicos Nicolaï Martel, Kyrie Kristmanson, Hugh Coltman, Maëva Le Berre, Anne Millioud-Gouverneur, Simon Dalmais, Nicolas Repac, JP Nataf and Diane Bonnot.

On the 5th, back on the solid and boundless ground of NO LAND with the soldiers of evanescence -Brendan Perry and Bagad Cesson- we will fill the Quartz de Brest with all of our brotherly ode. On opening, you will be lucky to chance on « land on », a new piece made-to-measure for my electric guitar and the hurdy gurdy of Gurvan Liard.

 Le dernier rire de Lovely Boobs de Philippe Kastelnik - photo G Tourte - MaxpppWould you not be at this far end of the world that Saturday, you could also get swallowed up by the Samedi Noir on radio France Culture where that same guitar will enshroud « Le dernier rire de Lovely Boobs« , a tale enhanced by Philippe Kastelnik and produced by par Christophe Hocké.

On the 18th, another dose of Brest for a NO&RD concert at the deliciously audible Festival Invisible. NO&RD, with quite the proud-on, is happy to have you see its first video by Samuel Petit, film-maker among others of the heroic video The Best Death.

C'est dans les tuyauxQuite a calm November on stage but not so much to take it easy too quickly as a lot of stuff is simmering in stoves:

The recording of pieces for harpsichord by Bertrand Cuiller for « Le Fils » the coming play of la Cie l’Unijambiste written by Marine Bachelot Nguyen. The recording of sonneur musicians for the next film by Chiara Malta whom you may see our previous collaboration, the short-film « L’Existence selon Gabriel« , at the cinema Le Méliès in Montreuil on the 4th at 8.15pm – an evening on booking at contact@sacrebleuprod.com. The recording of No Land. The masterclass with Laure Werckmann for the text set to music to launch the Champs Libres project: Ose le son

Nova …and the composition of NOVA, a beautiful work in progress conducted alongside with Claire-Ingrid Cottanceau and Thierry Thieû Niang. A performance produced by MC93 that will be performed at the beginning of March 2017 and for which we are looking for 20 people over 70 years of age (and living in Paris or in the 93 department), to play the singing and dancing choir from the glittering text by Handke. Do not hesitate to spray the word.

While waiting for the next stories, we keep on saying no, we keep on saying yes.

Olivier Mellano


No Land – teaser tour

=======October 2016=======

First times – Last times

Mellano Brooks duo à Montreal le 3 octobreOctober will begin in Montreal where for the first time we will let loose a new 2-head hydra with Mr. Brooks aka MC Dälek. It will be on the 3rd at Sala Rossa, a one-shot duet concert that promises to be dark, strong and mesmeric.

Ciné-concert l'Aurore de Murnau à Montreal le 6 octobreTwelve years after being created, although it is not the first time I an announce it, I will be playing for the last time my film-concert ‘Sunrise’ at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma. It will be on the 6th, still in Montreal, at the Cinémathèque québécoise and it should be dark, strong and bright.

NO&RD (O. Mellno et R. Boulard) en concert le 8 septembre à ParisBack to France on the 8th, for the first NO&RD concert in Paris. It will be on the FGO Barbara centre and, as always with Sir Boulard, we will be boosted as never. We will share the stage with Zinn Trio, the project of comrade Vincent Ferrand who honoured me by using one of my words for his good tribute album to Howard Zinn.

Terres neuves (Re)visions - Jérôme Sevrette CollectifSpeaking about album, here is the link to reach our collection of phobias captured with Marc Sens. Would you need to recover from your emotions, wade into MellaNoisEscape for a hug and for its 3-time remixed version by the Brest cool gang from Studio Fantôme: John Trap, Henri Wimp and Arnaud Le Gouëfflec who also participates with other 32 artists in the Terres-Neuves, album, the photographer Jérôme Sevrette’s disc-portfolio on which I scattered some notes under sky-laden words from David Jacob.

Nourrir la lune de Florent Trochel du 14 au 22 octobre à BagnoletWe still do not know whether it is theatre play or concert and we do not bother more than that, we will play « Nourrir la Lune » by Florent Trochel from the 14th to the 22nd at Théâtre de l’Échangeur in Bagnolet (off on the 19th). The fourth and the second last of the eight performances have surprises in store for you.

La jeune fille sans mains de Sébastien Laudenbach en avant première sur ArteEven if it is surely better to go(back) and see it when being released, you can watch for free « La jeune fille sans mains », the masterpiece from film-maker Sébastien Laudenbach and whose music I had the pleasure to compose, during the online European preview on ArteKinoFestival up to the 9th. This animated movie is selected for the Audience Award and as it might be the last time where we will be voting with enthusiasm, you could vote for it.

Olivier Mellano aux Rockomotives le 29 octobreEven if we do not yet know if the Minotaure’s precincts could hold the storm of sounds of Bagad Cesson and the emotional waves of Brendan Perry’s voice, we will perform NO LAND for the first time indoors at the Rockomotives Festival in Vendôme on the 29th. This fundamental festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary and takes the opportunity to release a 25-tracks compilation whose last one is Dead Sparkling Stars in its top first version.

No Land (O. Mellano, B. Perry, Bagad Cesson) en concert le 29 octobre à VendômeUnless you join us for NO LAND coming dates, there is nothing to listen to yet. Therefore, if you want to learn more about this project –and overcome for good your Frenglish accent’s complexity- our first crossed interview with Brendan Perry is on line.

To find back the sparkling of the world, let us carry on considering every thing with the candour of the first time and the intensity of the last time. It might be with these eyes that the present will become a present again.

Olivier Mellano


No Land - interview - Brendan Perry & Olivier Mellano

=======September 2016=======

…by(e)-and-by(e) summer.

Equation Laurent DerobertJohn Greaves and coTo let the summer languor lingers a little more, here are two radio sweeties fixed up for France Culture and that you may have missed: The John Greaves carte blanche on which you may listen to the early stages of our Manifesto project with Valérie Gabail, as well as to others of John’s wonders in good company and in binaural sound. The maths and sea epic-tale from Laurent Derobert and Estelle Delesalle that embarks three main navigators on the vanishing lines of the Eiffel Tower’s imaginary roots.

stormAs we would not be serene without our lot of disquiMarc Sens and Olivier Mellano - Phobieet, storms will rumble again, along with their flock of phobias that Marc Sens and I were happy to catch with our lightning rod-guitars. From gurgliphobia to ascenphobia passing by stasiphobia, that record should especially thrill the lounge music phobics. The album PHOBIE will be available for download as from September 16, through the digital label Idol and on every music platform (Deezer, iTunes…) that could eventually skin us alive.

On a dit on fait un spectacle à Paris au 104 le 15 septembrefeu de campLive performances will start up again, firstly with the euphoric get-together from the euphonic dream-like camp « On a dit on fait un spectacle« , settled on Madame Lune’s dreams at the Centquatre in Paris on September 15.

Winslow Homer - Girl in a hammockSans Titre Non Daté avec Valentina Magaletti et Christian GarciaTo slightly slide from the August hammock without actually stepping down from the august pleasure of its associated readings, the smashing association Transformabile offers an experience titled « Sans titre, non daté » on September 21. With Valentina Magaletti -fantastic drummer from The Oscillation or Tomaga, among others- we will be drawing up for three days a concert that will be cartelized by one of todays most captivating writers and philosophers, Tristan Garcia, , which I should really like to urge you to his fascinating bibliography. It will happen in Paris at Petit Bain and on Radio Campus Paris.

TAN - photos Richard DumasSunA final summer boost on September 22 at the Monte-en-l’Air, n Paris once again, where we will perform with the photographer Richard Dumas for our vinyl disc-portfolio TAN that is always available on Éditions de Juillet.

Sieste acoustique au Château de la Briantais - St MaloAnd to pull again the farniente rope, just like sound sprayers, we will Indian summerrock to a musical nap the park of the Briantais castle in Saint-Malo with the eruDite-J Julien Tiné. That will happen on Sunday 25 September, a great gulp of levitational air before coming back on earth to see what it’s like.

Looking forward to meeting you soon down here. Have a lovely end of summer lovely Indians.

Olivier Mellano

Needless to say but feel free to share this newsletter sign up -http://petitlien.com/ab-o-mellano- to those of your relatives that might find some interest in it. The more we are, the more we are.

Marc Sens / Olivier Mellano

=======June 2016=======


Illustration BerberianThe Calm before the Storm: this is how June begins on the 1st, redundant as it may, with an acoustic nap at the oxymoron-like Museum of Hunting and Nature, in company with Bastien Lallemant, Maëva Le Berre and Olivier Adam.

TAN avec Richard Dumas le 2 juin à Toulouse - MAPOn the 2nd, I’ll go on ahead to Toulouse for the opening of the MAP photo festival where Richard Dumas and I will perform again the TAN music-lecture, at the Museum Paul-Dupuy.

By the way, you have only a few days left to go to the Museum of Brittany in Rennes to feel the fire of our exhibition before it fades away on the 12th.

Olivier MELLANO - Brendan PERRYThen, after several working months, my latest composition is just coming out of its furnaces. It smells of Iodine, wind and peat and it is called NO LAND. This 40-minute musical piece has been written for Pipe band and voice. And what a voice as it is Brendan Perry’s one – composer and singer from the Dead Can Dance duo – who honours me with his interpretation.

NO LAND bagad His voice from outer-sky will float above a maelstrom of bombards, bagpipes, snare-drums and percussions played by the perfect and merciless Bagad Cesson. I will be on bass guitar in order to balance the ship among this flood of treble. We will sail far away the shores, we will be distant from traditional music and, as indicated in the title, we will stand above frontiers.

NO LANDFor NO LAND is a political-fiction programme, an anti-identity ode, a humanist and utopian song that proudly bears its own innocence and, among a world huddling inside its own combustion, which might be the only one capable of remembering the path of reason, of appeasement, even of a possible magnanimity.

Three concerts will take place this summer in every corner of France:

  • logo NO LANDIn Toulouse. On 18 June, our troops will be let loose for the first time, along the Garonne riverbanks at the Prairie des Filtres for the Rio Loco Festival.
  • In Rennes. On 3 July, the banners of no-country will raise in front of the Parliament of Brittany for the Tombées de la Nuit.
  • In Lyon. On 17 July, our unconquerable sonic lace will fill the Roman Theatre for the Nuits de Fourvière.

To learn more, click and be welcome on the NO LAND website that has been tailor-made by Benjamin Massé.

I’m taking the opportunity of this last season’s newsletter to openly say my warm thanks to my dear fairies Caroline Cornu and Valérie Deroin, webmistress and translator respectively, for www.oliviermellano.com and these newsletters, and without whom all these fabulous news would get lost in nothingness.

Chemin fleuriI wish you a very nice summer and I’ll meet you up in September to continue and try to make the path a more beautiful one.

Olivier Mellano

=======May 2016=======

…from Cannes to Basel to Batz…

Cannes en musique et en smokingWhether May is out or not, we may cast a clout.

It will start in Cannes where I’ll stand along the premiere of the titanic film from the Shiva of animated movies Sébastien Laudenbach, «La jeune fille sans mains», that will inaugurate this year ACiD selection on May 12th. Emilie Deleuze’s «Jamais contente», that recently won a Special Mention at the Berlinale, will be shown at the Cannes Junior programme.

De Cannes aux LilasFrom Cannes to the Lilas where I’ll meet again the lunar poachers of the glittering big bazaar «On a dit…», at the Théâtre du Garde-Chasse on May 13th.

Des Lilas aux Champs Libres... à Rennes le 18 mai à 12h30From the Garde-Chasse to the Champs Libres cultural space in Rennes where, during a live music-performance with Richard Dumas, we will present variations of the music and photographs from our «TAN-Dégât des eaux» exhibited at the Museum of Brittany. That will be the Musical Time on Wednesday May 18th at noon, a simple way for burning calories by skipping your lunch.

Abbaye de FontevraudFrom Rennes to Fontevraud Royal Abbey where the stirring recumbent of Verlaine will come and tease Eleanor of Aquitaine and will steal the heart of King Richard I through the intercession of Sir John Greaves and his impossible posse made of Elise Caron, Eve Risser, Régis Boulard*, Guillaume Roy, myself* and Himiko Paganotti who -Joy!- has joined this adventure. The asterisked two-seventh of this crew, also known as the NO&RD duet, will lead off as American stars.

Les peintures de Rothko à la Fondation BeyelerFrom Saumur to Nancy. With Claire-Ingrid Cottanceau, we will continue to investigate on Rothko’s miracle, a project in which France Culture radio is now being involved. After having plunged Georges Didi-Huberman into darkness, we will meet Jean-Luc Nancy to invoke irrevocable matters at the Basel Fondation Beyeler in the light of the painter’s vibrant canvasses.

Ile-de-BatzFrom Basel to Batz where we will go and plan a new coup with the sirenest-soprano Valérie Gabail and the serenest John Greaves. We will be settling the groundwork of a future common creation for a few days, and that working session will end by an impromptu concert in someone’s home on May 28th. You will easily find the place when getting on the island.

Le Monte-en-l'Air à Ménilmontant - ParisFrom Batz to climb the highs of Ménilmontant Monte-en-l’Air where Richard Dumas and I will perform the «Tan» music-lecture again, on May 31st, to celebrate the release of the vinyl disc-portfolio that appears quite beautiful and quite orderable at the Éditions de Juillet.

To end with, from Paris to everywhere, the «Qualité Humaine» radio documentary, a chilling investigation about standards in which I searched to blur the tuning fork, will be broadcast on Radio Campus, at 6pm from the 2nd to the 5th, as part of the Festival Brouillage.

From one train to another, we will continue to tighten the bolts of the No Land vessel for its coming lifting off.

Till then, let’s continue to stuff with beauty the Cadavre exquis of our lives.

Olivier Mellano

=======April 2016=======

Warrior poems


Brendan Perry aux côtés d'Olivier Mellano et du Bagad de Cesson pour le projet NOLANDIn synchrony with the discreet charm of first buds, I’m softly coming out from the assiduous immersion that preceded the organization of the army of notes about to flood Toulouse, Rennes and Lyon. The No Land full manoeuvres begin this month and I’ll tell you more about them soon.

Claro et Olivier Mellano en lecture-concert le 7 avril à Bobigny pour le festival Hors LimiteCosmoZ, Plonger les mains dans l’acide, Comment rester immobile quand on est en feu… I have the privilege, since many years, to come close to the words and voice of the limitless translator as inextricably poet: Claro. I’ll meet him again to dive into the shining lava of his poetry, during a Music Lecture on the 7th in Bobigny for the Festival Hors Limite.

André Markowickz et Olivier Mellano le 23 avril à ChâteaubriantHerem, Richard III, Figures… I have the privilege, since many years, to come close to the words and voice of the limitless translator as inextricably poet: André Markowicz. I’ll meet him again to dive into the sharpened ether of his poetry, during a Music Lecture followed by an encounter, on the 23rd in Châteaubriant for the Lettre en Scène festival.

On a dit on fait un spectacle : le 9 avril à Clichy et le 19 à RennesKyrie Kristmanson, Rosemary Standley, Anne Gouverneur, Maëva Le Berre, Géraldine Martineau, Nicolas Repac, JP Nataf, Simon Dalmais, Nicolas Martel… Two new performances with sparkling strass and the mad guys from the Madamelune dreamed music hall, ‘On a dit…’, on the 9th in Clichy and the 19th in Rennes for the Mythos festival.

Richard Dumas by Amaury VoslionAt the Museum of Brittany – Champs Libres in Rennes, the TAN-dégâts des eaux exhibition conceived with Richard Dumas keeps up its self-burning. We will both be there on the 30th to accompany visits and to sign the marvellous vinyl disc-portfolio released for the event.

Peter Pan, l'un des petits monstres attachant cherchant à être adoptéChez Betty, the monsters from the Rational Gallery are still eyeing the delicious dishes, while waiting to be adopted. In big data, bytes of NO&RD only wait for you on Bandcamp to make the air vibrate with your senses inside. In the darkness of boxes, some MellaNoisEscape, vinyl discs are patiently waiting, while dreaming to discover the world and less alike neighbours so that to celebrate their 2nd Anniversary.

And to end with, two words that might turn this spring into a beginning Nuit Debout.

Olivier Mellano

=======March 2016=======

Simple Present

TAN - dégât des eaux : R. Dumas / O. MellanoOne night, 22 years ago, we were looking at the golden angels of the Parliament of Brittany while they were melting into flames. Today, their igneous singing adorn the pictures taken by the undeniable Richard Dumas on the day after the fire. From 1 March to 12 June at the Museum of Brittany /Champs Libres in Rennes, you may plunge yourself unto the ring of fire of the ‘TAN – dégât des eaux’ exhibition for which I composed a 12-point diffracted piece whence the celestial voice of soprano Valérie Gabail will be pointing upwards. I’ll let you know about spring dates accompanying this exhibition that you will also be able to rebuild at home by making an order at the Editions de Juillet.

NO&RDOne day, a year ago, Régïs Boulard and myself shut ourselves away in the Studio Caverne, we plug off our brains and let the music run off freely from our instruments. Today, the NO&RD album is available on Bandcamp. Not with a label as these appear to have bigger fish to fry, not self-produced because we still have plenty of boxes to clear before being again over a barrel, not with crowdfunding, well… No plastic then, but the whole music in oldie but goodie digital format. You can listen to the album for free (for your felicity) and download it with paid access (for our felicity). This release is a test, if felicities balance, we will consider more serenely the future of our coming productions.

Tapisserie de l'apocalypseOne day, 6 centuries ago, the weaving of the Apocalypse Tapestry in Angers was completed. Today, the writer Jean-Pascal Dubost extends its threads with his flamboyant poem ‘Abaddôn’ and invites me once more to clear new grounds for the world with him. Music will be created live and that will happen on 11 March in Mordelles (near Rennes).

Nourrir la lune, manifeste poétique et politique de Florent Trochel, à la fois concert et théâtre de science-fiction‘One day, maybe we should all start again, start from scratch to get to another result.’ Today, these words opening  ‘Nourrir la lune‘ –a poetical and political manifesto by Florent Trochel, both concert and science fiction theatre- will vibrate live on the 22th and 23rd at the Scène Nationale de Besançon and on the 29th at the Centre FGO Barbara in Paris. I will be on stage, with glittering primitives, video snow storm, butô starmen, lunar emissaries, Elvis, Shams Elkaroui, Jonathan Couzinié and Hugues Dangréaux. And later on, 2 April, the esplanade of the Church Saint-Bernard (in Paris) will become another lunar ground, thanks to the same spacial team performing ‘Le vent reconnaîtra la pointure de mes pieds‘ that will take place for the Magic Barbès festival.

L'Aurore de Murnau - ciné-concert à Cannes et La Rochelle One day, 12 years ago, the Fondation Cartier commissioned me a film-concert that I decided to compose on Murnau’s ‘Sunrise’. Today, after many performances, this film-concert is going to join ‘Duel’ and ‘Buffet Froid’ onto the drawer of past projects to let live other adventures. My last Sunrises will happen on 25 March in Cannes, and on 2 April in La Rochelle to celebrate the 10 birthday of the Sirène venue.

ricochetsToday will ricochet off on tomorrow, other days will ricochet off on other days, let fill them with the best momentum.

Olivier Mellano



=======February 2016=======



There is a bigger part in our trade of public entertainers than the one you see, much like what is to be heard is but the foam of working days. This February will be one of my 2016 underwater work. Buried among others in the creation of ‘No Land’ (see later on) and the disintegration of ‘Tan’ (see below). No live show this month then, but much grist for the mill.

ACR - Funghimiracolette To start with, France Culture offers me a creative radiophonic workshop -Atelier de Création Radiophonique (ACR)- that will dive into the dreamy worlds of  La Funghimiracolette to turn its sound lunacy into waves. These sound ACReage will be broadcast on the 4th at 11pm and available as podcast for one thousand and one nights. Besides, the reprint of the book is still available, edited by MF, and may be ordered in full boxes through your favourite bookstore.

Radio libraryRadio again, far away from the ether that time, with the documentary Qualité Humaine, an inquiry as sharp as a blade about the chilly matter of standardization and to which I added gripping sand grains, a few discords to the ISO and a disoriented tuning fork. And would you wish to X-ray my radio file, my radio library is open at any time.


Another gift, from most trendy Jo from Ez3kiel, known as Zero Gravity, who dressed up the MellaNoisEscape ‘So Wide’ with a wonderful weightless remix. And since you are taking-off, get up high with the original version launched through the air by the crazy flying man Hervé Lejoux a.k.a. HD Drone.

TAN portfolio des photos de l'exposition + album vinyleBeing lucky enough to be acquainted with Richard Dumas, we wonder whether every soul he photographed from Monteiro to Harry Crews via Chabrol, Lynch, Bashung or Gena Rowlands has not softly brewed his own soul, inside the privacy of the darkroom. After our first collaboration for the 2007 Joe Strummer Revelation Project, we continue to work together on another form of disappearing, the one of the Parliament of Brittany’s works of art due to the 1994 fire. On the occasion of the photo exhibition that I will flood with sonic fire as from 1 March, the Éditions de Juillet publish a portfolio of the photos, enhanced with LP, each of them in 12 inches either round or square. The item may be preordered, will you fancy it.

Well then, I’m diving back. See you in a month.

Olivier Mellano

ACR - La Funghimiracolette on France Culture to be listened during 1001 nights!

=======January 2016=======

Moon and fitzcarraldies

des pistes encore vides...Beginnings of years appear like cleared and cleaned horizons, the appearance -both alert and slumberous- of parties where you show up early, the cool composure of empty dance floors where you wait for music to start and dreaming it not to be another theme of the co/e/lapsed year but a music with a different pulse, more tuned, more acute, more inventive, with a broader scope and a new tuning fork.

''La jeune fille sans mains'' film d'animation de S. LaudenbachMy first notes will be for the animated film ‘The Girl without hands‘, based on the tremendous tale by Brothers Grimm and directed by Sébastien Laudenbach who has been insane enough to undertake alone that huge project, turning him into the Fitzcarraldo of animation movies.

''Nourrir la lune'' la nouvelle pièce de Florent Trochel à voir à BesançonAnother Fitzcarraldo: Florent Trochel who doggedly pursues his fair path in spite of the theatre scene’s deafness that still remains too often comfortably seated in its repertoire or that favours blockbusters rather than fresh authors. After ‘Démangeaisons de l’oracle’ and ‘Montagne 42’, I am starting writing music for his new play ‘Nourrir la lune‘.

Karl Elie von ElephantomOn the 15th, a rise towards the beloved Monte-en-l’air (Paris, Ménilmontant) to join Hannibal Writer Claro in the burning Alps of his grand poem ‘Comment rester immobile quand on est en feu ?’. One kilometre southward, in the friendly 20th borough, elephantoms and other bald chicks are smiling as their Rational Gallery exhibition is prolonged for another month ‘Chez Betty‘.

On a dit, on fait un spectacle en janvier à Lille et à La Philarmonie de ParisThis lunar month will end with Madame Lune’s dream, gathering Rosemary Standley, Géraldine Martineau, Anne Gouverneur, Maëva Le Berre, Nicolas Repac, Simon Dalmais, Nicolas Martel and a bunch of guests including Kyrie Kristmanson, Piers Faccini or Hugh Coltman to cook up the dreamlike piece ‘On a dit, on fait un spectacle‘ presented on the 18th at the Théâtre du Nord in Lille, from the 26th to the 30th at the Philharmonie in Paris.

NO&RD, Marc Sens and Dan Ramaën, 3 videos to savour!Once active support given to these enlivening fitzcarraldies, I’ll go back to mine. For now on, I offer to treat you thrice with a journey in time:

  • ne is mint and brass-scented, filled with fresh air and coated with rising light, it foretells the upcoming album from the NO&RD duo with Régïs Boulard.
  • ne is a blurred durian custard, dark and purple, it foretells the upcoming phobic album with Marc Sens.
  • ne is well-kept secret sweets, it brings us back 3 years ago with the Dan Ramaën film ‘How we tried a new combination of shade’, another manner to savour the symphonic piece leading to the marvel. The key to the safe is chan4id6ay

Bonne année !When the World falls asleep, the illuminated sliver of land which is the Moon reflects what we have lost. Looking upwards, still connected to this remote part of ourselves, we will shine in a different way. Have a lovely year.

Olivier Mellano

=======December 2015=======

How to stand still when on fire?

EclipseWhen the chasm of thoughts crumbles the earth under our feet, when the world’s insanity echoes and ends up tucking in our eyes wide open, when the roaring cluster of opinions makes impossible to hear the confused complexity in which our civilization has got entangled, we think that our own bee business is quite desultory… …and then, pretty quickly, we know that nothing could be less useless, should we dance on a worm-eaten ground, we have to make the horizon shine, more than ever, with even more intensity, with even more generosity.

Thus, let’s restore the Up with the Cheer, not with the Throw! It will start with two MellaNoisEscape gigs to support Zone Libre on the 1st in Lille and on the 4th in Bordeaux.

Festival National du Film d'Animation à Bruz (35) 7-13 déc. 2015After that, I will have the privilege to become a jury member at the Animation Film Festival that will take place in Bruz from the 7th to 13th. On the 9th, I will speak about what I have created for animated movies, along with the extraordinary director Sébastien Laudenbach. On the 12th, I will bury away the MellaNoisEscape 1.0 version whose decibels will be turned into dancing rays of light on that occasion, thanks to the same and still extraordinary Sébastien Laudenbach.

Jamais contente,  a movie by Emilie Deleuze (photo R. Baudean)Another ‘Movement-Image’: I will complete adding up the power lines for ‘Jamais contente’, a film by Émilie Deleuze, a modern tale about a teenager caught up with her teenage years, rocked by BRMC and tempted by Ponge.

ClaroOn the 10th, motionless but on fire, Claro the fireproof man and I will be at the Abattoirs in Toulouse. To hear the crackle of his sublime poem, edited by l’Ogre and whose title is so beautiful that I couldn’t help stealing it from him.

MellaNoëlScape, a sweet gift box available on the shopAnd as, after all, it is soon time for Xmas and for new Magi to enter the Rational Gallery, we have prepare a lovely MellaMasScape gift box to lighten your heart and your purse.

Fiat luxHere it is for this end of the year that I wish you as sweet and serene as may be. When darkness surrounds us, we must broaden light, when the world falls into shades of humankind, we have no other choice than intensify ours. It is up to us to make the days better.

Olivier Mellano


=======November 2015=======

The Boeotian way

cocoonBefore turning into a new species, expected as more attractive, more valorous and more abundant, MellaNoisEscape is making its last stand before his conductor dives it into a winter silence so that to tangle up in daring projects.

Still seven rendez-vous to come, among which five in excellent company, and it will be done with France for quite a moment. On the 6th, invited by Ez3kiel in Agen with the uncommon Marc Sens, on the 15th in Paris at the Klub with Filiamotsa that I will also be delighted to play with on the 17th at the 1988 in Rennes although in 2015, on the 18th in Allonnes, even less on our own thanks to Enablers. Clear as crystal.

François JeanneauWould I say I was a Boeotian, it would definitely be in jazz music. However, it happens that famous people, as wise as crazy and still considering jazz as a modern language, agree to get lost with hepcats like me. Through the Unijambiste company, that’s how the fabulous François Jeanneau will join me on the 19th in Chambéry at the Scène Nationale: sort of a MeJleanNoisEscape set, ad-libbed, boosted and shining with his soprano lighter than air. Stratospheric.

Laurent Derobert - Force de l'attraction de l'être rêvéWould there be summits in Boeotian ways, mathematics are the Everest where I reach my peak. Actually, it is at the top of the Eiffel Tower on a mild spring eve that I met the creator of existential mathematics Laurent Derobert, doctor of economics and researcher. He was celebrating that night the Iron Lady’s imaginary roots by having them appearing on oceans at the four corners of the World. I then invited him to solve the unseen equation operating in music, during an ad-lib conference about music that I will play ad-lib. The experiment will take place on the 20th for the festival ‘Paris en Toutes Lettres’ at the Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris. Logical as 1 and 1!

CambouisHere it is for my bee-business. I spare you the dirty part of my upcoming creation works –I will introduce you to them as soon as they’ll be cleaned up- but let me tell you from now on that they will be bloody joyful.

Olivier Mellano


Dernières dates de concert 2015 pour MellaNoisEscape (Photo : Dan Ramaen)

=======October 2015=======


Olivier Mellano présent pour lle festival C'est dans la Vallée1 for a solo. MellaNoisEscape will go down 2 hills and 1 valley this month: Montluçon, Montpellier and Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines where Kat Onomanian or Akchotéian-swerves may take shape.

Rencontres Artistiques de Musiques Improvisées les 22 et 23 oct. avec Arm et NO&RD2 for two duets. Back to the Loire river, anew Orléans where we will play RAMI (for Artistic encounteRs of Improvised Music) with Arm for ‘Notebook of a return to the Native Land’ by Aimé Césaire on the 22 of October; and with NO&RD (mellaNO/boulaRD) for waves, drones, disorder, odes and giving, on the 23rd.

nouvel album de Filiamotsa - Like it is 3 for a trio, the Filiamotsa one, who releases this month ‘Like it is’, album signed by the American Label Aagoo. The line-up is specifically enhanced by G.W. Sok (from former The Ex), by Soufflant Rhodes and myself. Violins, electricity and pyrite writing. It’s beautiful, it’s in English and it sounds nothing like you’ve ever heard.

Rothko4 or the iridescent angles of a Rothko painting. The artist Claire-Ingrid Cottanceau and I are starting out in long research about the mystery and artistic absolute that represents, for us, the Rothko’s work. We are beginning a series of interviews for the sub-rosa material of this project whose fulfillment is not yet known.

Workshop5 for five workshop days that I will be delighted to run at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Lyon, to try once more to dive into the void and define the ether with words or any other kind of sweet gimmick.

Abaddôn à la Maison Gracq avec O. Mellano le 16 oct. à St Florent-le-Vieil6 for the number of the Beast. For, in the end, the Apocalypse will roll in on 16 October, in Saint-Florent-le-Vieil. Just like the 106 meters of the Apocalypse Tapestry were rolled out at the nearby Château d’Angers, from which the writer Jean-Pascal Dubost weaved his text ‘Abaddôn’ before inviting me at the Maison Gracq or embroidering in concert.

Les monstres s'exposent chez Betty à Paris et dans le magazine Équilibre Fragile7his is at No.14 Avenue du Père Lachaise, Chez Betty, close to the Théâtre de la Colline, where you may visit my gallery of Monsters this month. And 7his is a brand-new magazine ‘Équilibre Fragile’ that will soon welcome some of these monsters. Also 7 books that I shortlisted for this new season and that I greatly boost you to read-if you haven’t already done so: ‘Anomalies des zones profondes du cerveau’ by Laure Limongi, ‘Crash-test’ by Claro, ‘Divagations’ by Mallarmé, ‘Extrêmes et lumineux’ by Christophe Manon, ‘Le principe’ by Jérôme Ferrari, ‘Duino Elegies’ by Rilke and ‘The Enneads’ by Plotinus.

La Machine Couchée de NORD (mellaNO / boulaRD)8 for the infinite upright or for the musicians from ‘La Machine Couchée », the open and effervescent hydra of Régïs Boulard, released on the 23 on the Signature label. Featuring Maria Laura Baccarini (woww!), Louis Soler (yep!), Philippe Texier (pow!), Black Sifichi (no?!), Nicolas Méheust (indeed!), John Greaves (himself!), me’self (well) and Regïs (of course!) as the shining conductor with his two wizard sticks.

Olivier Mellano









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=======September 2015=======


La fabrique de projets d'Olivier Mellano

With a still numb mind following the summer lethargy, here comes time to roll up one’s sleeves and it is eager in appetite that we prepare to board on the year dashing into us. For there will be work to do. At that day, some forty projects (big ones and little ones) are queueing on the workbench to be taken care of. Programme of the year: live into space, remains of burning, tradition restored, one of the most beautiful voices of our skies, mathematics, treble notes and some other falls. But one thing at a time.

L’été Slovène de Clément Bénech sur France Culture - Musique : O. MellanoTo extend the hanging hours of summer, let’s start quietly with 5 radio episodes ‘Eté slovène’ by Clément Bénech, adapted by Christophe Hocké, with a musical score by your most humble servant. The 5 episodes will be broadcast on France Culture from 31 August to 4 September, at 11.50 and up to noon. http://www.franceculture.fr/emission-fictions-la-vie-moderne-l-ete-slovene-15-2015-08-31

Les monstres de la Rational Gallery chez Betty à Paris à partir du 11/9After being in the kind care of Les Balades Sonores for the last two months, the Rational Gallery Monsters move on to Gambetta. They will go along with the fortunate gourmets of one of the most terrific eating places in Paris, Chez Betty (14 avenue du Père Lachaise), twenty-seven steps precisely from the Théâtre de la Colline. Would you not be in Paris but would like to bet on an outsider amateur of contemporary art by buying a screen printing or originals; or would you wish to change your olden emails by brand new paper decorated with fatty angels or bird-men: you may now purchase everything on the official store: http://boutique-ulysse.com/olivier-mellano/ TMOBIIL 3 CDs available on the official store on line © Richard Dumashe shop on-line also includes former albums –possible collectors-to-be: the first harpsichord pieces (presaging ‘La Chair des Anges’); the latest pieces for piano and ondes Martenot written for L’Unijambiste company, for the Yekaterina Ivanovna drama by Leonid Andreyev; the first album ‘Acte’ by Psykick Lyrikah; and the whole discography of a possible future cult band MOBiiL.

John Greaves - Les Airs, new album and concert in Paris in SeptemberOn September the 8th, the new album ‘Les Airs’ by John Greaves will be released on Signature label (Radio France).  These are John’s fabulous creations on a libretto by Emmanuel Tugny, about the last days of the French poet Verlaine. Vocals by Elise Caron, Jeanne Added and Thomas de Pourquery, percussion by Leon Milo, viola by Guillaume Roy, drums by Régis Boulard and myself on guitar. A wonderful creation, in French, and different from anything you’ve ever known. To celebrate its release, we will perform in Paris at la Grande Halle de la Villette on 12 September. http://johngreaves.org.uk/coming.php

As for the electric front, two MellaNoisEscape concerts at the end of the month, among which a set with a scent of meeting up again that will also gather Filiamotsa (whose news you will read next month when their smashing album will be out) and Laetitia Shériff, in Tours at Le Temps machine on September 26. The day after, MellaNoisEscape will be in Orléans on the Loire riverbanks for the Festival de Loire.

During this month, two duo and instrumental albums will be mixed by the great Nico Sacco: firstly, the album for phobic mental spheres with Marc Sens and secondly, the album for sonic wide spaces by NO&RD. To be continued…

Merci à vous !

To end with, a warm thanks to all of you who have shown interest by signing up to this newsletter. Your quiet presence is a good-hearted and determining wind keeping me moving always more.

A good new season to you and till very soon.

Olivier Mellano


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=======Summer 2015=======

Monsters, storms and foundations

FoundationsThe great slow-down of summertime is softly starting to expand time, expansion favoring the founding of future projects which, as it seems, might be a few, big ones and little ones, all captivating.

HieroglyphesBut before going back down the mine, some MellaNoisEscape concerts on the open air: on June 20, at Castelfranc and on the 21st at Figeac to make the hieroglyphics of the Champollion museum dance. After that, just like bubbles of storm at the heart of the hard-working summer: on the 25th of July at Malestroit for the Pont du Rock to wake up ghosts 25 years after opening the first edition. The bridge will lead to Switzerland and up to August 21, when we will make the calm mirror of Lake Geneva shiver, with the nice barbarians of ‘For Noise’ festival.

Murnau - L'Aurore ciné-concert sur l'Ile de Batz le 22 juillet 2015Another lake, the one from Murnau’s Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, will also be called upon to be once more shaken, on July 22, on the pleasant island of Batz. I will be pleased to write again music for several short fiction stories for radio, scheduled for release in September on France Culture, after ‘Oswald de Nuit’ that was broadcasted last month.

The rational gallery of inner monsters - stampFor the first time and under double pressure from the two angels of Les Balades Sonores, I’ve made up my mind to let my monsters come out of the notebooks where they have been prisoners for years. The ‘Rational Gallery of Inner Monsters’ will therefore appear in broad daylight in Paris 1 avenue Trudaine, on July 8; moreover, to sweeten the pill, the entry onto the world scene of these untamed 2-dimension ectoplasms will be celebrated by a MellaNoisEscape showcase.

Here it is for my bee-business. Meet you in September for the new autumn term.

Tshirt MellaNoisEscape to be found on the shopFrom now on, enjoy reading under the trees and, if not already done, choose ‘Le Soleil’ by Jean-Hubert Gailliot as it is probably the best time for it; if you feel like listening to punk-rock while thinking there is no more, Metz’s second album is surely for you; and will you need to be the hypest and most gorgeous one this summer, look around here to see what you may proudly wear: http://boutique-ulysse.com/olivier-mellano

Olivier Mellano






=======May 2015=======

Everyday night fever.

Affabulazione jusqu'au 7 juin au théâtre de la Colline Should there be evenings all alike in May, they will be mine.

I will be every night from May the 12th to June the 7th at the core of La Colline, on a 23-performance tunnel of Affabulazione, for a musical spitting image of Stanislas Nordey as a messed up father in a physical and passionate acting, all that with capital P as for Pasolini (off on Mondays).

Olivier Mellano on the stairs of the Cannes festivalA quasi-routine firstly broken for a return ticket to Cannes on May the 18th for displaying the music composed for the bloody short film from Marion Laine ‘On the road to paradise’ ; and secondly for a few diurnal studio sessions.

Les Marquises - Only Ghost remix d'Olivier MellanoTo start with, for the guitar-recording for the oncoming album of the charming band Les Marquises with whom I once made a remix that you can still listen to on: https://lesmarquises.bandcamp.com/track/only-ghosts-olivier-mellano-remix

Collaboration avec Marc Sens et NORDThen back to the studio Caverne for my first collaboration with film director Chiara Malta, followed by two musical albums in duet, one with the great guitarist Marc Sens and the other with the great drummer Régis Boulard whose two final letters make the half of the NORD duet.

And as spring will definitely not allow me to take advantage of its sweetness, it also locked me up for a day to work up the music of the bright short film from Frédérick Laurent ‘L’aveugle et la Cardinale’, with a capital C as for Claudia.

Oswald de nuit de Samuel Gallet diffusé sur France Culture le 26 mai 2015To end up with, on May the 26th at 11pm, you are invited to discover on France Culture radio ‘Oswald de Nuit’ by Samuel Gallet, a fiction story for radio written by Christophe Hocké and for which I was pleased to write and perform with voices of Adèle Haenel, Nicolas Bouchaud, Hector Manuel, Denis Lavant, Ruth Olaïzola and Emmanuelle Destremau. http://www.franceculture.fr/émission-l-atelier-fiction-oswald-de-nuit-2015-05-26

Here it is for my bee-business and otherwise, make the most of your days and stretch out under the sun of these days that are stretching longer.

Olivier Mellano


MellaNoisEscape - The Best death vidéo

=======April 2015=======

April (de)livery

Le Havre - music Lecture on April 16l at the Fort de Tourneville« Right in the core of April, it is in the core of Le Havre that I lead with great pleasure 3 workshops for the Master’s degree students in Literature and Creative writing. It will end with a Music Lecture on April 16, at the Fort de Tourneville.

While around there, MellaNoisEscape towards North and East to spread the good word at Aulnoye-Eymeries and Colmar. A new MellaNoisEscape video shot with mastery by Samuel Petit, and with the first on-screen appearance for the death on its own heels by Nico Sacco whose name will remind the wisest something: it is he who mixed and recorded MellaNoisEscape and our collaboration is not bound to stop.

Echox by Olivier Mellano and Noël AkchotéA potential remedy against the Asian hornet could be the latest album fixed at distance by Noël Akchoté and myself. It is called ‘Echox’ and can be listened to and bought at http://noelakchote.bandcamp.com/album/mellano-akchot-echox-guitar-duets-series.

John Greaves 'Les Airs de Verlaine' from a libretto by Emmanuel TugnySweet as honey on April 25, if the Maison de la Radio finds a way to pick up, we will team up at the Studio 105 with John Greaves, as well as Élise Caron, Thomas de Pourquery, Jeanne Added, Eve Risser, Régis Boulard and Guillaume Roy. We will play live ‘Les Airs de Verlaine’ , from a libretto by Emmanuel Tugny.

The Pasolinordeyian ‘Affabulazione’ follows its frenzied route and comes back on stage for 3 performances at La Comédie in Saint-Etienne, before settling for a month at La Colline in Paris.

How we tried a new combination of notes ... live in the Trans musicales - RennesA piece of news: the ‘How we tried…’ trilogy performed live at the Opera in Rennes during the 2012 Transmusicales can now be viewed in full at http://oliviermellano.com/how-we-tried .

Here it is for my bee-business. And will you need to keep some winter air at hand, in the shadow of the first blooming trees, read Karin Serres’ splendid ‘Monde sans oiseaux’.

Dälek on tourOh yes, to end with, Dälek is back in France: do not miss them if they tour near your place. There should even be a surprise in store for you on the 24th of April in Paris.»

Olivier Mellano

dessin O. Mellano

=======March 2015=======

Primula veris

Affabulazione de Pasolini, mise en scène par S. Nordey avec O. Mellano«After one month spent in peaceful Lausanne, the Affabulazione team and the madness of Pasolini move on to Rennes for playing during a week at the TNB.  

Fontevraud le cadre du spectacle de Madame Lune

On my way to Brittany, a pause at the Abbey of Fontevraud where I will join the collective creation that is dreamily coordinated by Madamelune with, among others, Simon Dalmais, Hugh Coltman, Nicolas Martel, Nicolas Repac and Rosemary Standley. This performance will stage again in 2016 at the Philharmonie in Paris, at the end of January.

La bête sauvage rôde côté NORDHowever, the wild always roams and we keep our head screwed on the NORD string, with a gig at La Rochelle just to preserve the animal’s hunger before capturing it in studio.

It is in the open air, on the Loire riverbanks and under a splendid weather, that the forthcoLa loire le lieu de tournage du prochain clip de MellaNoisEscapeming MellaNoisEscape video has just been shot. It is signed by Samuel Petit and it promises to look very beautiful. 

Then a short downhill by MellaNoisEscape near Avignon to keep in shape, after which I would have the pleasure to write and record the music for Marion Laine’s next short film ‘On the road to Paradise’ just before its display at the Cannes film festival.

The almost quiet month of April should allow me to resume the writing of my next book started a few years ago and which may have a chance to be finished before summertime.

Here it is for my bee-business. Will you need other sweet things for springtime, I warmly recommend the magnificent album of Norwegian The White Birch, ‘The weight of spring’, as well as the album from our fellow Manuel Bienvenu.

Have a lovely spring.»

Olivier Mellano


=======February 2015=======

Front news

Affabulazione de Pasolini mis en scène par Stanislas Nordey« February 2015 is here and I am deep into rehearsals and the creation of Affabulazione after Pasolini, staged by Stanislas Nordey. A third collaboration with Stanislas, always a big ask and a mutual leap of faith in a climate which is stimulating to say the least. We’ll be performing at the Théâtre Vidy in Lausanne the first two weeks of March and at the Théâtre national de Bretagne in Rennes the second fortnight.

Blonde Redhead, le meilleur groupe du mondeSome MellaNoisEscape gigs will spread an even scratch on the silk of performance and will continue to pierce with decibels the next weeks. I shall be honored to support the best group of the world in the best French venue, on 1 March 2015 in La Rochelle.

Other news from MellaNoisEscape: Pop Chords, a new video directed by Coxypy and that traces back the 15 gigs in 3 days-session under the iced sun and rainy nights of the lattest TransMusicales.

Bed en concert à RennesBed and MellaNoisEscape will join again on 21 of February at La Cité in Rennes. Still waiting for more opportunities to have Burello’s wonders echoed in the coming months.

As for recordings, the Filiamotsa Grand Orchestra CD is on its way, a duet with Noël Akchoté is in progress, la Machine couchée by Régis Boulard is on the mixing stages for release by Signature and, to end with, John Greaves’ Les Airs of which I will tell you more in another letter..

NORD à réécouter sur France MusiqueYet, our NORD duet with the above-named Régis Boulard have recently been invited to jam on the distinguished programme Les Aventures sonores of France Musique radio: you are invited to seize the scale of the notes by podcasting them.

Here it is for my bee-business. Now, let us try to keep on smiling among the storm, the storm in mind while waiting for the bloom to come back. »

Olivier Mellano