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How we tried a new combination of notes ...

The project is like its creator: surprising, challenging, fascinating. Since the early 90s, Olivier Mellano has been multiplying musical adventures, favouring human and artistic encounters.

Composer, guitarist and above all a talented musical alchemist, he was instrumental in shaping the sound of Dominique A, Laetitia Shériff, and was invaluable to the much esteemed Bed. Hovering between hip-hop excursions (Psykick Lyrikah), solitary escapades (La Chair des Anges, and the recent MellaNoisEscape) and limitless acts (Mobiil) or movie-concerts, Olivier Mellano is often spotted where least expected.

Now, he is back with How We Tried…, a creation out of blinkers, a trilogy mixing acoustic, electric and electro/hip-hop music, voices, sounds and projected images.

Olivier Mellano presents this new work in three interpretations of the same musical theme, divided into four movements inviting us to a “metaphorical journey”, a one way ticket to discover the “act of creation”.

How we tried a new combination of notes to show the invisible or even the embrace of eternity – Press

« Olivier Mellano, a titan in his work. » Le Monde

« An ambitious, titanic (…), gorgeous symphony, How we tried… turns out to be as complex as consistent, as exhaustive as fascinating. » New Noise

« If we think this passionate record will not shade the mash music at the top of the charts, we can bet it will leave a mark on its author’s discography and on the story of music full stop. » Magic

« Composition science, virtuoso manipulation of musical forms, epic breath of long term operas : How We Tried… impresses – do not miss the performances organized here and there.  » Vibrations

« A demanding and atypical artistic quest. » Mouvement

« A master stroke!  » Longueur d’Ondes

« Musical science fiction, an unusual project that propels us towards new imaginations, (…), a powerful work. » France Inter (Aude Lavigne)

« Difficult to know who could take it all in and give every part its due but in its sprawling, almost unnavigable ambition, as with that of Les Transmusicales in general, I salute it. » The Quietus (U.K)

« This brillant show has been the most important event of Les Transmusicales 5 day Festival. » El Punt (Spain)

« Ambitious, pioneering and thus exciting! » TGV Magazine

« This year, the surprising, fascinating and demanding creation (of the Transmusicales] was at the Rennes Opera house with Olivier Mellano. » Snatch

« If this creation can disconcert the one who dislike nonstandard creations, the result is actually transcending. » Session Live

Symphonic version

  • Soprano singer > Valérie Gabail
  • The Symphony Orchestra of Brittany conducted by > Jean Michel Lavoie (Los Angeles Philharmonic, Ensemble Intercontemporain…).
  • Pictures > Dan Ramaën

Electric version

  • 12 guitar players > the Pink Iced Club band
  • Drums > Regis Boulard
  • Singer > Simon Huw Jones from the cult English rock band “And Also The Trees”.

Electro/hip-hop version

  • Rappers > MC dälek/IconAclass, Black Sifichi and Arm.
  • Pictures > Taprik


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