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Olivier Mellano - biographyGuitarist, composer, singer, wordsmith Olivier Mellano has forged his own path in the rich and varied landscape of popular music in France today (Psykick Lyrikah, Mobiil, Bed, Laetitia Shériff or Dominique A…).

Over the last few years he has been playing his trade in the world of cinema, theatre, danse and spoken word moving seamlessly between contemporary classical, alternative rock/pop, strict composition and free improvisation. In 2006, he released «La Chair des Anges» on the Naïve Classique label, a work for harpsichords and organ, electric guitars, voices and string quartet, situated somewhere between baroque and contemporary, featuring Valérie Gabail, the Debussy Quartet and Bertrand Cuiller.

In 2012, on commission from the Brittany Symphony Orchestra, he composed the triptych «How we tried a new combination of notes…» premiered at the Rennes opera with the Brittany Symphony, conducted by Jean-Michaël Lavoie, Valérie Gabail, soprano, the Pink Iced Club 12 electric guitars, MC Dälek, Simon Huw Jones, Black Sifichi…

He has composed and performed music for the Peter Handke/ Stanislas Nordey play “Par les Villages” and has been decidedly back in the world of sonic rock with his solo album «MellaNoisEscape».

He is currently working on his second book.

His last work is named «No Land». It is the new musical piece of the non-categorizable composer and guitar player Olivier Mellano. At the crossroads of modern musical genres and new music, defying codes of traditional folk music, Olivier Mellano invited for this new project the 30 musicians of Bagad Cesson and the marvelous voice of Brendan Perry from the Dead Can Dance duo.